Dentist Spring TX

Dentist Spring TX

Did you know that Gentle Dental have great dentist Spring TX that you can utilize for tooth extraction, root canals, and more? There are always many reasons to get the oral care you need and many of them are important. While you can benefit a lot from the appearance value that straight, clean teeth can provide, there are health benefits that are more valuable. Being able to get regular checkups will ensure that you maintain proper oral health. The work that can be done now can support your teeth for years to come. We can even design programs and routines that will prepare you for the future. 

In order to ensure that you have the best care, Gentle Dental wants to provide you with as many services as possible. That covers the consistent services that are routine for any dentist office such as general dentistry, orthodontics, and pediatric dental care. However, we go above and beyond these standard procedures. That means we can offer services such as oral surgery, endodontics, and even emergency care. This is a measure of our devotion to dental health, and we believe all of our clients deserve the highest quality.

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General Dentistry

This is the most basic routine service that you can expect. Ranging from tooth cleanings to prescribing certain medication for recovery, checking the structure of the teeth through X-rays and filling cavities and caries. These will ensure that your teeth remain in good condition and are not prone to serious issues. However, if you need extensive services, this will go further than the options general dentistry can provide. The other branches of dentistry will cover these needs but don’t worry, we also offer those services as well.


For those that may require realignments of their teeth, whether due to missing or shifting teeth, we can help. This can range from getting braces or mouthpieces that can help move your teeth to the proper position. These benefits will ensure that your teeth do not crowd or become obsolete.

They also can rebuild your visual appeal and encourage your confidence. Straight and clean teeth have been shown to be far more attractive. After a year of braces and orthodontic manipulations, you can see incredible changes that can last you a lifetime. The results are deeper than that though, people can truly find happiness when their teeth are fixed!

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Pediatric Care

We also serve the dental needs of children as well. While we won’t be offering braces, there are many things that we can do to help your children avoid future problems, and protect their primary teeth from getting damaged. There are also options such as sealants that will ensure these temporary teeth stay clean for the duration of time they stay in the mouth. It’s the most cost-effective that won’t see you paying an arm and a leg for care on teeth that won’t last more than a few years.

Of course, there are definitely basic options that are available. This covers the general dentistry that is available for adults like cleanings and cavity fillings. We will be able to provide oral surgery for children only on the condition that it is an extreme emergency and there are no other options. Usually, surgeries even as routine as root canals are typically not recommended for children, not just for the temporary teeth but due to the pain factor that could be present, too.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery like tooth extractions and root canals are best done at our Spring dental office by dentists certified in the field of oral dentistry. Oral surgery can be just as frightening as any other kind of surgery. Gentle Dental can relate. That is why we have a unique set up for our patients that have this level of fear set in them. Our dental clinic in Spring can help with things like root canals and wisdom teeth removal. You should not carry around this much fear when it comes to ending the pain that is nearly debilitating.


Dentist Spring TX

Endodontics from Gentle Dental

Modern endodontics today gives patients treatment options in order to save their natural teeth. You want to save your natural teeth whenever possible. For best health and cosmetic results, trust Gentle Dental and our team of experts at the Spring dental office with root canals, tooth extractions, and more to save your teeth before it is too late.

Saving your natural teeth is what Gentle Dental is all about. Our team of professionals at our Spring dental offices are here to make patients happier. In many cases of root canal treatment, your original tooth will last a lifetime. This is not the case for every patient. Every patient is different. Because of this, Gentle Dental has the experts on-site to discuss your options with you.

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We are always happy to help our clients with all of their dental needs. If you believe you may not be able to afford certain services, don’t worry! We have financing options available that you can utilize. We believe that people deserve the best dental care and it shouldn’t be a matter of money that gets in the way of that. In order to support more of our community, we want to make it as available as possible!

Our dental office is located at 16312 Stuebner Airline Spring Tx 77379. You can also reach us by phone at (281) 353-6300. You can depend on us to provide the highest quality services. We are a reliable and experienced, capable of providing all of the services you may need, from root canals to wisdom teeth, and all other dental needs. The dental clinic professionals at Gentle Dental are the best options for you and your family! Call us today for the best dentist Spring TX has to offer.

Fun Facts about Spring

  • Spring is the 5th most sought-after place to live in the U.S.
  • Texas is the largest state after Alaska
  • There is no state income tax in Texas