Emergency Dentist Near Me 77388

Did you know that If you are in a situation where you have to find an emergency dentist near me 77388 can offer your services? This means that even at the break of dawn or in the short hours of the night, you will get service. We are going to provide you with top-rate care that only specialized dentists can carry out. This is going to do wonders for you if you find yourself in a situation where there may not be many options available to you. That means we are going to be exceptionally important and we find that these sorts of emergencies are happening all the time. If we could become more useful, why not! As a result, we are not available on call 24 hours a day.

emergency dentist near me 77388 spring texas area

Finding emergency dental care is not going to be like general dentists. There are no office hours for the emergency room.

Immediate Services That We Can Offer

When you go to an emergency clinic, it is going to be different from the usual clinic that you go to. Instead of getting the general dentistry services or cosmetic care that you might get on a regular day you will only be able to access the most serious of care which will regard some of the more specialized types of dental care. We ware not going to be able to provide you with cleanings or teeth whitening procedures but we can o the next best thing. That fixes the issue at hand and gets you home safely.

Repairs For Your Teeth

Whenever you have damage to your teeth, such as a chip or crack, it might be a good idea to get help from an emergency clinic. This is going to be your safest option because a lot of the times a crack or broken tooth can be exposing. The result can be an infected tissue tt the root of the tooth. This will cause you to have to get a root canal later and it won’t be pretty nor cheap. We want to avoid this and get the care you need right then and there to protect from these unwanted cases. The best option you will have is to get a veneer, a crown, or whatever you casing is best for your tooth at the time.

Tooth Extractions

Of course, it may be too severe for you to get the simple restorations. In fact, if the damage is too bad, you will have to get the tooth removed. This can be the case for wisdom teeth if they grow in at the wrong times. We will go more in-depth on that later on but as of now, the main focus is to remove any teeth that simply cannot continue serving you. This may be the case if they are angled oddly or in dangerous or unnatural ways.

We will aim to make the procedure as fast and painless as possible. If it gets very serious, we may have to do some cutting into the gum to remove any sort of excess or damage from the jaw. This is only if the case is extreme. We want to ensure you that we have all of the equipment necessary to proceed, though.


In the event that you need care that does not revolve around the interaction of teeth, other surgeries may be necessary. This will entail stitches if you get a bad cut in the mouth, as well as other preventative measures. Sometimes you could have an abscess that develops. At the time it could get so big and swollen that it could burst.

If you have either of these issues and find that you are bleeding out you will definitely need urgent care.

That is the entire premise of our emergency clinic and we want to make sure that you know you have access to this. There are cases where people have tumors or lots of pressure in their joints and need to have it eliminated, removed or mitigated right away. As we said earlier, it will all depend on the type of circumstances that you enter with.

Spring tx emergency dentist

Our Spring Texas Area dental emergency services include many of the options such as a root canal.

Situations That Might Require an Emergency Dentist Near Me 77388

There are some basic situations that you can go through which may cause these types of issues. In order to give you the full scope and make sure that you don’t feel as though your injury is not worth our time, we want to showcase them to you. These are going to be the most popular options that people will come in to get service for. That is because these are some of the most common actions that humans perform on a daily basis. If you experience injuries in these fields or any other scenario, give us a call right away and get the help you need. We will be able to confirm with you if you need further care.

Playing Sports

While you may not be doing a lot of dangerous activity in other parts of your life, sports can be a big red flag. the possibilities of sustaining an injury are very high. You could get hurt slipping and falling at the basketball court or getting a foul ball to the face when you weren’t looking. Other occasions can consist of diving into the water and hitting the bottom of the pool.

You could be rock climbing and lose your grip, causing you to bang your mouth on the cliffside. The possibilities really are high and if you think about it, an emergency dentist can be a saving grace in these sorts of moments. Just to protect from more serious injuries that might arise.

Wisdom Teeth

This is one of the most popular cases that people are going to have to deal with. It could happen at all times of the day, and if the dentist is proactive it could happen at night when no one is open. This is why our emergency service is ready and capable of taking care of your wisdom teeth whether you need them to be cut out or just mitigated.

Emergency dental care in Spring Texas

Car Accidents

These are going to be very serious, and in some cases, you might only receive facial injuries. In these circumstances, we will be able to do a lot for you and protect your face. We can do all of the restorations and reconstruction of the mouth that are necessary and it really will make a difference. Gentle Dental can totally revert some injuries if they are brought to us in time.

Contact Gentle Dental

Let us know if we can help, as an emergency dentist near me 77388 wants to provide the most care for our clients. Gentle Dental is going to work non stop all through the day and night to give you the treatment you deserve. To find out more information, check us out online or give us a call at (281) 353-6300. We hope to hear from you soon! Contact us for your emergency dentist near me 77388.


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