Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

A Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX is a dentist who can serve the needs of your entire family within one office. This makes scheduling appointments and paying for dental services much easier. Therefore, it makes the dentist visits less stressful and time-consuming. With a convenient family dentist near you, you won’t loathe schedule dental appointments for the family so much. You won’t have to sit in the lobby of the children’s dentistry, running your tongue across your teeth, trying to remember when your last dental cleaning was. Instead, you and your children can get the same great service. And when your parents need dental care, you’ll already know who to recommend.

Gentle Dental Care is full-service family dentistry that can handle most, if not all, of the dental services that your family will need throughout their lives. We love to see kids grow up and learn how to master their own oral health. We love to help parents navigate the troubling reality of aging. And we are able to serve them both with exceptional, gentle dental service. Even as your family grows and moves around, we’ll still be near to help. We have 7 locations throughout the area, even two offices right here in Spring, so we can even serve the needs of families who don’t live in the same house. Below, we’ll discuss the services that we can offer to all age groups. As a note, just because we listed a particular service with a certain age range doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones we can perform that service for. Give us a call to request the dental procedures you need no matter the age of yourself or your family member.

Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

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Children’s Dental Care

It’s vital that we give kids a headstart on maintaining good oral health. One way that we can accomplish this is through the use of sealants. Sealants are an extremely durable coating that we apply over your child’s permanent back molars. Cavities won’t form on teeth that have sealants on them because the bacteria and sugars from the food your children eat won’t actually touch those hard-to-clean areas. This protects your child’s back teeth for up to ten years. By then, they will have mastered the art of proper teeth brushing!

We also make custom mouthguards for children who are involved in sports or physical activities. The generic options you might find at a sporting goods store offer minimal protection. Furthermore, the provide minimal comfort, at best. You don’t want the mouthguard that your child plays and practices with to irritate their gums, press their teeth, or worse, fail to protect their teeth at all. Allow our dentists to mold a custom mouthguard for your child. They’ll breathe better, feel better, and talk better with one of our mouthguards. As a result, they’ll also have more fun while playing their favorite sport.

Teen Dental Procedures

Often, it is during the teen years that parents elect to have their children get braces. However, adolescents can be quite picky. Additionally, families have different budgets. We address all of those concerns at Gentle Dental care by providing three different types of braces for you and your teen to choose from. Our entry-level option is the traditional metal braces. While this is the most conspicuous option, it is also the most customizable because your teen can change the color of the bands.

If they want a less-noticeable pair of braces, they’ll want our ceramic braces with the clear or porcelain bands. However, teens who don’t want anyone to tell they have braces at all will beg you for our Invisalign retainers. The retainer is made with 3D printing technology but will realign the teeth just like any braces. And no matter which option you choose, we’ll follow up with regular appointments to make sure everything is progressing as planned.

Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

Young Adult Operations

If this hasn’t already happened, the young adult years are when the wisdom teeth begin to grow in. While some people’s mouths are able to accommodate their new set of molars, most of us need to have those back teeth removed. Otherwise, the wisdom teeth can cause all of the other teeth to shift. Whether you’ve had braces or not, you can imagine how stressful it would be to watch your entire smile move out of alignment. We perform wisdom teeth extraction so that young adults can keep the smile they know and love.

Adults and Elderly Patients

As you get older, dental care becomes more about changing the appearance of your teeth. At Gentle Dental Care, we offer a variety of restorative procedures. Now that you’re in full control of your oral health, you have the option to make all of the adjustments to your smile that you ever wanted. From non-invasive teeth whitening to dental implants, we can perform whatever service you need. We even offer three different types of dentures! As with all of our dental services, we use the best tools and practices to minimize or completely eliminate any pain you might experience.

Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

Braces Installation and Maintenance Dentist Spring TX

Call Our Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX

As you can see, we have oral healthcare solutions for the entire family. Furthermore, our services are affordable and made even more so by the fact that we accept most dental insurance plans. For families without insurance, never fear! All you have to do is ask us about our financing options. Financing allows you to get the vital dental care you need and essentially pay for it on your own terms. Dental matters tend to be time-sensitive, so don’t let your budget get in the way of your health. If your family needs a Family Dentist Near Me Spring TX, call us at (281) 353-6300. You can also set an appointment online. We can’t wait to meet your family!

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