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If you are looking for the best family orthodontist 77388 in the area, have you tried Gentle Dental? We are going to be able to provide you with the best care for both you and your children. Our services are both far-ranging and effective for all ages. We have the ability to take care of all your needs as well considering we are a fully comprehensive as well. When you get our services you will be able to have the benefits of a great orthodontist but also the other services, too. This article today is going to be focused on describing the nature of orthodontics and what type of services they can offer you. If you would like to know more about our services, you can visit our page here. Otherwise, enjoy the read, we hope to help how we can!

What is Orthodontics?

This is the study of the structure of your teeth. They will deal with the location and functionality of your tooth and how it works with your mouth. The benefits of this will allow you to reduce the crowding of your teeth and how to deal with missing or poorly placed teeth. They will do lots of research on your mouth in particular and discover how and why your teeth are moving the way they do. All people’s teeth move and shift over time. Their mouths are adapting muscles just like every other area of the body and it will change for different circumstances over time. You will be able to get a lot more information about your mouth and how you’ve grown in the past based on the examinations your orthodontist provides.

The history of orthodontics was rooted in the movement and fixing of overbites and underbites. The effect that you could have from fixing this can be drastic. Not only can it make your profile more attractive and more effective for you to eat, but it can protect you from damaging your teeth as well. This is where the study became far more complex because they discovered that you can manipulate and shift the structure of your mouth to whatever you desire. Straight teeth have been beloved for thousands of years and an orthodontist is going to be the one who provides it for you.

What Sort Of Treatments Do They Offer?

When you get the aid of a family orthodontist, you are going to be gaining access to a plethora of options. It really depends on your condition and how we can help make your living conditions easier. If you have children that are entering their early stages of puberty, for instance. Maybe they are just now maturing into adulthood, you can get braces and other options that will rearrange their teeth in straighter formations. This is going to be the best time for you to do this, as their teeth movement will have slowed from the growing processes and they can be manipulated.

Your family orthodontist can set the braces for your children. They will get a proper plan that will keep them on for another year or so. This will allow them the ability to force the teeth through the use of wiring to move across the mouth from different angles. In the long run, this movement will be what puts them into the proper position. At first, it will probably just be very sore.

We also offer other treatments for people that may not need braces. This is going to regard those that may grind their teeth together at night when they sleep. The result of this can be very detrimental over time and it could cause them to have high levels of damage sustained. This will end up needing different operations to fix. That could consist of getting a crown or a veneer that will cover up the damage. However, if you have been getting this erosion for a long time it could be all over the mouth and that is too costly to fix each and every one of them. That’s why orthodontists can design mouth guards for your specific teeth that will protect them at night.

This is going to be beneficial because it means they can sleep at night without worrying about causing more and more damage to their teeth. Over time there can be other procedures that help move the jaw and the mouth bite to be safer and less grinding than before.


Braces For Adults, Too!

Remember, even if you are an adult you can still get braces! These are not reserved for just teens. Many full-grown men and women have gotten the benefits of braces. Even in their older years. Instead of avoiding the treatment, get help now. Don’t end up dealing with bad teeth simply because you’re too embarrassed to get the braces. You can try different methods that will help. For example, we have options that can be on the inside of your teeth. There are even mouthpieces that could replicate the effects of braces, too.

We even have financing options to make it cheaper on you if that is the case. At any rate, don’t go any longer without the benefit of an orthodontist fixing your teeth. It will be a short term sacrifice for a long term solution. Braces may be annoying or unsightly but at the end of it all, you won’t be able to stop smiling. Your teeth will be so straight and beautiful, you will have to show them off.

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