Kids Dentist Spring TX

Kids Dentist Spring TX


Your family needs a Kids Dentist Spring TX that truly cares about your child’s oral health. At Gentle Dental Care, we care so much that we offer our services to all age groups. That allows us to ensure your child’s oral hygiene throughout their entire life. We can help you care for their teeth and gums before they even need their first cleaning. And we’ll also be here to perform their wisdom teeth extraction in their late teens the to early ’20s. Furthermore, we have 7 great locations, including 2 offices in Spring TX, so you can schedule dental check-ups whenever and wherever it is most convenient.

Kids Dentist Spring TX

Spring TX Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Kids Dentist Spring TX Tips

We love to see kids maintain beautiful smiles, healthy teeth, and gums. However, much of the result is out of our hands. We do what we can every six months or as needed. But the rest of the time, it’s up to you (the parent) to give your child the best chance at having good oral health. Contrary to popular belief, most teeth issues aren’t caused by genetics. A lot of issues are actually caused by upbringing. Monitor your child’s behavior and watch out for any signs that he or she is putting their oral health or hygiene at risk. If possible, correct the behavior. Otherwise, you may have to visit Gentle Dental Care for more than the standard routine cleaning.

Don’t pull teeth too early

This is another habit that you won’t see the consequences of until later. When your child pulls out their loose teeth, instead, of waiting for them to fall out naturally, they cause the other teeth to shift unnaturally. With nothing holding it down, the adult tooth naturally tries to rise to the top. But this requires more space than the tooth actually has. So, the other teeth are shifted to accommodate the larger tooth. This, in turn, forces the other teeth to become loose and fall out earlier than they should have. When it’s all said and done, you’ll notice that your child’s teeth are overcrowding and stacked in front of one another. As mentioned above, we can fit your child with braces to correct this issue. However, remind your child that it may be worth it to wait until their teeth fall out on their own.

Teach proper brushing habits

Unfortunately, many people don’t brush their teeth properly. However, that doesn’t mean that your children have to be a part of that statistic. If you visit Gentle Dental Care, we can show your child exactly how they should be brushing their teeth. In the meantime, we’ll explain it to you and you can pass along the information.

Your children should brush with a soft-bristle child’s toothbrush for two full minutes. Make sure that they move the toothbrush across their teeth in a circular motion. They should gently bump the gumline when they brush, but not cause themselves to bleed. They should brush their teeth on both sides, and follow up with a thorough rinse and flossing. Supervise your child to make sure they’ve got it right until you can trust them to do it on their own.

Kids Dentist Spring TX

Custom Pediatric Mouthguards

Our Youth Dental Services

Beyond the steps you can take at home, some of which we described above, you can accomplish much more with the help of our skilled dentists. We offer many of our dental services for children so that they can grow and keep their new, beautiful teeth. In the event that any issue arises, we’ll be here to assist with that as well. Below, we’ll describe a few out of our great dental services and when you should schedule them for your child.


We recommend teeth cleaning for every person with teeth. In fact, we recommend cleanings even if you’re an adult without teeth because your gums also need to be cleaned regularly. That being said, a good tooth cleaning every six months is a great way to stay on top of your kid’s oral health. Our hygienist uses specialized tools to remove inconspicuous plaque and buildup from the teeth and gums. This allows the hygienist to see the early signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Thus, if your child gets regularly cleanings, not only is his or her risk greatly reduced, but the chance of developing serious dental decay is practically eliminated. You can think of teeth cleanings as an extra form of insurance for your child’s dental health.


Speaking of insurance, sealants are a great way to invest one of your child’s most prized possessions: their teeth. Sealants are put over the molars to prevent cavities. Because bacteria can’t access the teeth, there’s no risk of decay. Our sealants last up to ten years and can give you a great sense of peace of mind. And because they are clear, no one will even know they are there.


If your child plays sports, we recommend that you visit Gentle Dental Care to have them fitted for a custom mouthguard. A guard that perfectly fits your child’s mouth will benefit them in so many ways. For one, they’ll be more comfortable. Two, they’ll breathe much easier. Third, they’ll be able to talk more clearly to their teammates, coaches, and referees. Our custom mouthguards are a great way to keep your child’s smile safe.

Family and Kids Dentist Spring TX

Start Your Family Dental Program Today

Call Gentle Dental, your new Kids Dentist Spring TX to begin your child’s regular dental maintenance. We assure you that coming to our office will not be a bad experience. Call us at (281) 353-6300 or go online to set an appointment. We can’t wait to meet your family and provide you with superb dental care!

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