Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX

Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX


If you’ve decided that you need an Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX, it’s probably for good reason. Perhaps you’ve actually asked for a general dentist and were informed that he or she couldn’t take care of your dental needs. You may have even been told at your last dentist appointment that you need to find a surgeon for the work that you need to be done. It’s always inconvenient to have to look elsewhere for services than the place you’ve already been going. However, we’re a bit happy about it, because that means that you now get to visit Gentle Dental Care. We’re the perfect orthodontists for your teeth.

And once you’ve experienced our great service, you probably won’t want to return to your previous dentist. And besides, you won’t have to—we perform a comprehensive line of dental services, so you don’t have to search anywhere else for service. From your biannual cleaning to the once-in-a-lifetime wisdom tooth extraction, you can get everything you need at Gentle Dental Care.

Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX

We use plasma-rich proteins!

Oral Surgery Procedures

You may need oral surgery for one of several reasons. If you require any invasive procedure, you likely require the assistance of an oral surgeon. Below, we’ll describe some of our most popular dental services that require the skills of an oral surgeon. Then, we’ll let you in on a little secret that makes our dentistry one of the best places for you to schedule your operation.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Most people will need their wisdom teeth removed. If you’re one of the lucky few who don’t need this procedure, you might want to skip this section. But the rest of us will appreciate that Gentle Dental Care can quickly remove wisdom teeth before they become a problem. Wisdom teeth are the name given to the very back molars. The develop later in life and erupt usually during a person’s teens or early twenties. However, by that time, the other teeth have set in. You may have also had previous dental work to correct other issues. Thus, you don’t want your money to go to waste. But if you allow your wisdom teeth to erupt and shift the rest of your teeth, that’s exactly what will happen.

As soon as you start to feel those new back teeth coming in, give Gentle Dental a call. You don’t want to wait until they’ve fully erupted, because by then they’ll have already caused damage to your other teeth. We’ll do a scan and let you know if you need the teeth removed. If they are growing properly, you may be able to keep them. However, due to the lack of space, wisdom teeth are usually impacted. That means that they are growing horizontally. If that’s the case, we can remove them to prevent further pain or other dental problems.

Bone Grafting

This procedure involves taking bone from another part of the mouth or from a cadaver to restructure your jaw. This is usually done to accommodate a dental implant or other restorative methods. However, you don’t always need a bone graft just because you need a dental implant. Our surgeon will take x-rays of your mouth and identify whether you actually need this additional operation. It is important to note, however, that a bone graft and dental implant can’t be performed during the same procedure. Your jaw must fully heal and be strong enough to accommodate your new replacement tooth. Reasons you may need a bone graft to include gum disease. Particularly if you are in the advanced stages of periodontal disease, you might need this procedure to prevent further illness or complication.

Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX

Spring TX Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dental Implants

If you don’t need a bone graft, you can usually get your dental implant right away. We offer this service as one of the many ways in which we can restore the appearance of your smile. If you lost a tooth due to injury or decay, you have many options when it comes to replacing your tooth. One of these options, which requires the help of an oral surgeon, is dental implantation. By essentially inserting a porcelain tooth into the jaw, you’ll have a new tooth. This tooth will be strong and able to withstand all normal activities, such as eating. Furthermore, your new tooth will look just like rest and you’ll have to care for it like the rest to prevent gum disease.

Why Call Gentle Dental Care?

We are able to provide the best and safest oral surgeries because we really make being “Gentle” one of our top priorities. Many people put off getting the smile they want because they don’t want to deal with the pain during or after a procedure. While we can’t promise a painless recovery, we can definitely assure you that the sensations that you feel will be minimal. We use state of the art equipment and advanced surgical practices to present you with the safest, gentlest procedures known to the profession. As the years go by, dental procedures get better and better. And we constantly update our skill set so that we offer you the best of the best.

For our oral surgeries, we use something known as platelet-rich protein. This means that we take your own blood cells and use them during the procedure as opposed to blood from a third party. This helps massively with cell regeneration and healing. Your road to recovery will be both faster and smoother as a result.


Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX

Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX

If You Need An Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX, Call Us

Call us today to schedule an appointment! You can reach our office at (281) 353-6300 to speak with our staff about your needs and availability. You can also conveniently set an appointment online for maximum convenience. Whichever way you decide to set your appointment, we can’t wait to meet and assist you. Our Oral Surgeon Near Me Spring TX is skilled at delivering top-quality dental care with a soft touch. You’ll be on the road to recovery and reaping the benefits of a successful procedure in no time!

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