Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX

Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX


If you’re in search of an Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX, you need Gentle Dental Care. Orthodontics is the dental specialty area that involves correcting dental irregularities. One of the ways in which we are able to correct these issues is through the use or retainers and braces. If you have issues with the alignment of your teeth, your needs would be best served by an orthodontist. If you want to replace the teeth that you currently have, you may need an oral surgeon. Gentle Dental Care can actually also perform oral surgeries if you need them. However, that is not necessary most of the time. Usually, a simple shift is all that’s required to transform your smile.

If you can, you should try to keep your natural teeth. While dental advancements have progressed far past the stage of George Washington’s wooden dentures, nothing beats your natural bone. Taking good care of your oral health can increase the longevity of your teeth. The orthodontist is here to help you realign your teeth so that you can enjoy the benefits of your natural teeth and smile. Below, we’ll discuss the risk factors for developing orthodontist issues and how you can prevent them. If you’re currently suffering from teeth misalignment, also known as malocclusion, we have solutions. We’ll also discuss those below.

Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX

Child Orthodontist Spring TX

Orthodontic Issue Prevention

Teeth misalignment is also known as malocclusion. Unfortunately, there are many behaviors and activities that put you or your child at risk of developing crooked or crowded teeth. If you’re an adult, it may be too late to correct these problems. In fact, by the time your permanent teeth have fully grown in, there’s not much you can do on your own to change the appearance of your teeth. But if you have babies or very young children, you might spot some of these behaviors. In fact, you may even be encouraging them!

Thumb-Sucking, etc.

As you may have guessed, sucking your thumb can cause your teeth to shift. However, there are also other behaviors that cause your teeth to grow in at an angle. Examples of these behaviors include sucking on your teeth, pushing your teeth or gums with your tongue, and even excessive lip-biting. When you are young, all of these behaviors put pressure on your teeth and gums. Since your permanent teeth essentially follow the same track as your temporary teeth, they will follow the path that was set forward. The state of your child’s teeth now can give you an idea of how their teeth might grow in. Furthermore, paying attention to their behaviors can clue you in to whether they are likely to develop malocclusion or an overbite.

Pulling Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t pull your own teeth or your children’s. Teeth fall out naturally on their own. When you pull a tooth, you speed up the process of the permanent teeth growing into that gap. The surrounding teeth may space out and you’ll have many gaps between your teeth. When the permanent tooth does grow in, they won’t have the appropriate space required. This means that the teeth start to crowd and stack in front of one another.

Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX

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Do I Need An Orthodontist?

Ultimately, the decision to call an orthodontist for help is up to you. However, it should be noted that there are several benefits to fixing your malocclusion besides appearances. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, it may be more or less necessary for you to visit a dentist. You may actually like your crooked smile, but it might be bad for your health. When teeth are crowded or misaligned, they can be quite difficult to properly clean at home. While regular dental cleaning can make up for this in part, straightening your teeth can give you even greater oral health. If it’s practically impossible to thoroughly remove visible plaque from your teeth, consider setting an appointment at Gentle Dental Care.

Another sign that you truly need to visit a dentist’s office is that your teeth cause you pain or injure other parts of your mouth. Your teeth shouldn’t cut your lips, gums, or the inside of your mouth. But in cases of severe malocclusion, that may happen. If you have trouble comfortably speaking or eating, you probably need an orthodontic solution.

Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX

Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX

Orthodontic Services

The most common orthodontic solution is braces. However, there are many reasons that people don’t want to get braces, especially when they older. Unfortunately, braces are viewed very negatively, no matter how old you are. That’s why we offer a variety of options at Gentle Dental Care. In addition to the classic metal braces, we have two variations that are far less visible. Our ceramic braces can’t be easily seen, because the bands match the color of your teeth. Our other alternative is our Invisalign braces, which we create using 3D printing technology. The Invisalign braces are actually a transparent retainer that fits over your teeth. It’s the least visible option for braces available on the market and will produce the same great results as braces.

No matter which option you select, we’ll make sure that your teeth are taken care of the entire step of the way. You’ll know how to properly care for your braces and the teeth behind them. With regular dental appointments, we can regularly inspect and adjust your braces as needed.

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Click here to check out our website and learn more about our various services. In addition to braces, we provide over 20 dental services for the entire family. From the youngest child to the oldest parent, we offer painless solutions to dental issues. If you want to change the appearance of your teeth, or need to repair some damage, we have solutions for both. We would love to help your family achieve the smiles they want. If you need a good Orthodontist Near Me Spring TX office, call Gentle Dental Care. We can be reached via phone at (281) 353-6300 or online through our scheduling system. We can’t wait to assist you!

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