Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388

You need Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388 to help you take the best care of your child’s dental hygiene and oral health. At Gentle Dental care, our dentists are trained to work well with children. Firstly, we put care into the patient experience and create a welcoming environment from the second you open our door. But even before you arrive, we are busy perfecting our methods and procedures. By using advanced tools and patient-centered specialty training, we are able to perform dental procedures that involve minimal pain. Pain doesn’t have to be a regular part of your child’s dental visits. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver gentle dental services to visitors of all ages. You should choose Gentle Dental Care for the child’s next dental checkup or dental exams.

What Do Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388 Do?

Pediatric dental specialists can help you in a variety of ways. Whether you just want more information or need a dental service performed, our dentists are available to you. Furthermore, we make it easy to afford our services. We accept most dental insurance plans! If you’d had a problem with other dental offices not accepting your insurance in the past, you should visit us!

We also make every effort to work with families who do not have a dental insurance plan. Our dental financing option, in partnership with CareCredit, was designed to provide more options for families. Our financing terms are flexible and affordable no matter your family budget. You can use our financing option to create a payment plan for most, if not all, of our pediatric services.

Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388

Best Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388

Pediatric Services for All Age Groups

We offer plenty of services at Gentle Dental Care, and we have a few services that we particularly recommend for children. Depending on the age of the child, they may benefit from a particular dental service more than they might another. However, because each child is different, it’s important to consult with our pediatric dentists at your child’s Gentle Dental Care appointment. Below is just a general outline of what your child might need at each stage of their youth.


If your child doesn’t have teeth yet, you don’t necessarily need to visit a dentist. In fact, most oral healthcare for infants is accomplished at home. For example, make sure that you follow the American Pediatric Association guidelines for weaning children from bottles and sippy cups. Also, don’t allow your child to follow asleep with a baby bottle in their mouth. If you don’t adhere to certain guidelines involving your child’s mouth and teeth, your child could develop dental health issues.

Problems such as teeth decay and gum disease could arise, even if children as young as one-year-old if you don’t take care of their oral health from day one. All food and drink contain bacteria and sugars that affect oral health and stick to gums and teeth. If your child doesn’t have teeth yet, wipe their gums with a soft cloth to get rid of bacterial overgrowth. Our dentists can give more recommendations on how to care for your child’s gums and future teeth at our dental office.

Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388

Board-certified pediatric dentists Spring TX


It’s best to teach your kids proper brushing and dental care early in life. They should brush their teeth at least twice per day. Be sure to have them use a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles! In fact, even adults only need soft-bristle brushes. Otherwise, the toothbrush may damage the enamel, which is the first line of defense against tooth-destroying bacteria.

When your child’s teeth begin to come in, you should begin to schedule dental cleanings every six months. Developing this habit now will help your child maintain ideal oral health throughout the rest of their life. We’ll fully clean and inspect teeth and gum twice per year. Your child’s toothbrush won’t solve all problems, so you need a certified hygienist to do the rest.

We can mold a mouthguard for your child to protect their teeth from accident or injury. Children who are involved in sports or prone to slips and falls will benefit from a mouthguard. Our guards keep the baby teeth safe, allowing them to fully grow out on their own time. Premature tooth loss can negatively impact the overall appearance of the teeth. Your child might experience overcrowding, overbite, or other dental characteristics if they lose or damage teeth. Even if those teeth are only temporary, they serve a purpose! The health of temporary teeth can indicate the outcome of your child’s permanent teeth!

When your child’s permanent teeth do appear, we can protect them with a clear coating that we call a sealant. Sealants last around ten years, so your child won’t need a replacement or alternative until he or she is an adult. We apply sealants to the molars because we know they’re the hardest to clean, even for adults. Your child still must learn proper brushing, but thanks to sealants, it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily difficult to master.


Once all of your child’s adult teeth have grown in, they might not like their smile. On another note, the location or spacing of their teeth might cause other health issues. In either case, our pediatric orthopedic dental specialists can provide braces. Our three different braces options vary in terms of visibility and price.

Your teen might need a wisdom tooth extraction if his or her final set of back teeth grow in during high school. Our oral surgeons will remove the wisdom teeth before they cause other issues. If you don’t have your teen’s wisdom teeth removed, they might experience some of the same issues the braces were meant to correct.

Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388

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Whether you’re a native Houstonian or you’re new to the area, you deserve top-notch Gentle Dental Care. Your children might have hated going to the dentist before, but that ends now. Call us today at (281) 353-6300 or set an appointment. Infants, children, and teen oral health are extremely important to us so we create a welcoming environment for your young one. Let our Pediatric Dental Specialists 77388 keep your child’s beautiful smile healthy!

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