Pediatric Dental Specialists Spring TX

Pediatric Dental Specialists

For the best Pediatric Dental Specialists Spring TX in the greater Houston area, no one does more than Gentle Dental Care. If you are in Spring, the best pediatric dental specialists are at Gentle Dental. Whether for teeth cleaning, cavity care or more, we can help. Taking care of your oral care as a child is incredibly important for not just your health but your physical appearance too. Especially for children, who have to prepare for the future. Your teeth help make a first impression. People notice your teeth the second you open your mouth. Fortunately, Gentle Dental understands these social norms and can accommodate your good looks.

For children, it starts with a good routine. Beginning a regular dental hygiene program is very important. A dental hygienist will clean the plaque on your teeth. They will polish your teeth. Above all, Gentle Dental will find a solution for the odor that comes from your mouth. Regular visits to our Spring pediatric dental specialist for teeth cleaning and cavity care will prevent oral disease and cavities. If you neglect your gums, you just might get gingivitis. To keep your natural teeth looking clean and healthy, reach out to one of our many Gentle Dental locations today.

Periodontal Maintenance is a Must!

You may not realize that periodontal maintenance is the only way to keep gum disease out of your mouth. To clarify this, Periodontics is the study of the gums. This type of maintenance is usually done when you set up regular visits. The removal of plaque and tartar is crucial to the overall care of your mouth. Our Gentle Dental periodontists will decide how frequently your periodontal maintenance needs to be.

Pediatric Dental Specialists Can Apply Sealants For Your Child!

Do you want to protect your teeth against tooth decay? Cavities on your back molars are easy to get if you do not have an ongoing dental maintenance program. These are the teeth that are most vulnerable to decay because of the amount of chewing that is done. Putting a sealant on your teeth is a good way to protect these teeth against tooth decay and cavities.

Your Spring pediatric dental specialist will apply the sealant which is a liquid over the tooth. The liquid will become hard and then it will create a barrier between your tooth and any bacteria or plaque. Sealants last up to ten years. This is a process that can be repeated if necessary. Protect your teeth with sealants from Gentle Dental.

Crowns & Veneers

The quality of your teeth naturally starts to decline over time. You can break them or they can break down. It occurs for all ages of people and it can be quite tedious. You may become an applicant for crowns if you think your smile is no longer what it once was. It’s understandable, teeth can get worn down to a point where they are just not sightly. Conditions like cavities are good reasons to get crowns. Once the filling is down, a crown can cover it to protect and enhance the look of your tooth.

Crowns can assist you to get your smile back on track by essentially replicating the normal shape of a tooth. They will make changes that can assist you to keep your appearance at it’s best even if it isn’t. Before this modern era, you would’ve had to deal with the unfortunate physical look. However, now there are many more choices.

For your smile, veneers can also create a big change that you might not have expected. They are a very fine ceramic shell covering the replicates of the framework of your tooth. If you had teeth that were jagged, chipped or otherwise unsightly, you would be a great match for veneers. After our procedure, you’d have a much stronger smile and feel confident to show your teeth more often in public. They are able to instill confidence in people like never before!

PRP by Gentle Dental

Research demonstrates that healing and regeneration of the tissue in all types of dental operations can be sped up by the use of our own blood cells. The substances in question are the platelets, plasma, and white blood cells. The protein component in your platelets is what really makes the difference. Gentle Dental provides this care whenever the operation is involving difficult and tender tissues. This procedure is done in the workplace for operations and runs only a few minutes. It ensures that the person can heal more efficiently. For those that may have a record of difficult and soft tissue regeneration problems, PRP is definitely the route to go.

Removing Teeth Requires Intensive Care

It is essential to remember what will be accomplished with the vacant room if you need a tooth removed. If nothing is done with space, you are going to face problems. The jawbone can degenerate and make your teeth shape change during nursing. You don’t want this if you have orthodontics throughout your life. If you wish to fill that room, our Gentle dental squad will provide dental implants.

A dental implant can help you cope with any lacking teeth. An implant is just a prosthetic tooth that extends into the gum divide. Titanium implants in Gentle Dental are prevalent for this. The implant must be produced with a material of high strength to resist biting pressures. A prosthesis abutment is placed into the gum, and then after the healing process sees new gum growing around the abutment, we can screw in the artificial implant. Now you’re ready to go!

Kick-off your Family Plan with Gentle Dental today

Call Gentle Dental for cavity care and teeth cleaning from the best Spring kids dentistry provider. Begin your regular dental maintenance today. We assure you that coming to our office will not be a bad experience. We here at Gentle Dental want your experience to be a positive one.

That is why we only have the best pediatric dentists working throughout the locations. Our office is at 17301 A FM 529 Houston Tx 77095. Make sure to learn more about Gentle Dental Care. Reach out to us by calling (281) 855-1100. Schedule your appointment for teeth cleaning or cavity care today! Call now for your

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