Spring TX Best Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Before you start searching the term, “Spring TX best pediatric dentist near me,” take a look at our services first. At Gentle Dental Care, we strive to make the most with what we have available to us. We know that the key to good oral health is dental cleanings and dental exams regularly. To prevent plaque buildup and cavities from forming in your children’s mouth, contact us today for kid-friendly pediatric dentistry.

As a dental office, we understand the significance of quality oral hygiene. Our pediatric dental specialists work tirelessly to bring you and your children the best dental services in the greater Houston area. If your child hates going to the dentist, no worries. Our nurses and physicians know how to make make your child stay calm and stress-free during their visit. Our focus is to prevent harmful infections and diseases from setting into your mouth.

We do our best to remain as available as we can for our patients. Our office is open from Monday through Friday, and we take appointments for Saturday. Our services include pediatric, periodontal, cosmetic, orthodontal, and general dentistry. Our nurses, physicians, and surgeons are all eager and ready to help you achieve the perfect smile. Make your first pick the right pick, and never have to search, “Spring TX best pediatric dentist near me.”

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Spring TX Best Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Spring TX Best Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Gentle Dental Care focuses on quality dental work and oral health. With our staff, you get the most excellent customer service and the most exceptional results. When you schedule an appointment for yourself or your child, you take the first step to the best dental service in the city. With a dental team that can’t fail, you have no reason not to call in and request a free consultation today.

Our purpose is to provide the best dental care for all of our patients. That means bringing you quality consultation, superior dental procedures and services, and deliver unbeatable client satisfaction. We believe that everyone deserves the chance at their perfect smile. With our assistance, we can make your grin the best it can be. You and your kids will walk out of our office, feeling young and fresh.

When you come in for your free checkup, we do a thorough investigation into the state of your mouth. From your teeth to your gums, Gentle Dental Care makes sure that we check every nook and cranny. If we find anything that requires immediate attention, we inform and review your options with you regarding treatment. Once you know your choices, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Services You Can Rely On for Better Oral Hygiene

The most significant element of finding the right pediatric dentist is knowing what they offer and how they perform their procedures. We here at Gentle Dental Care focus on keeping you in the loop about what we’re doing to you or your child. Our goal, in the beginning, is to ensure that you know what you’re getting from us and how. So whether you need general, pediatric, periodontal, or orthodontal services, we’ve got you covered.

Spring TX Best Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Get the dental services that are tailored to your specific teeth

General Dentistry

We start things off with our essential services that everyone can benefit from with our general dentistry. Gentle Dental Care offers teeth cleaning and whitening, as well as dentures and other means to help structure your teeth. Once we’ve given you an initial checkup and determined what improvements can be made, we review your options with you and go off of what you decide. Additionally, minor toothaches and infections fall under our general services as well.

For example, toothaches are often the result of an infection in the roots of the inflicted tooth. In this case, a root canal is crucial to rid yourself of the pain. During this standard procedure, we numb the area around the infection and drill a cavity into the middle of the tooth. From here, we pick out the infected tissue and seal the hole with a special sealant. After everything is done, we offer the option of installing a crown until the tooth is healed to prevent strain on it.

The rest of our general services are all intended to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Our periodontal maintenance works to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis through tartar buildup. Aside from that, we offer dentures, bridges, bonding, and overall dental hygiene.

Pediatric Dentistry

For services specifically for children, our pediatric dentists are here to help. Like most of the human body, your teeth and gums are more susceptible to infection the younger they are. Between cavities and plaque, children are often bad at maintaining healthy oral habits due to a lack of interest. Regular checkups and teeth cleanings can help promote early health habits such as brushing and flossing regularly. It also keeps your child’s teeth clean and orderly with the aid of our braces.

If left alone, plaque buildup can lead to tartar, which then leads to gingivitis. While adults develop the habit of brushing their teeth every day, children tend to see it as a chore. With our expertise and education, we’ll help your child know the value of oral hygiene. With a checkup and cleaning every six months, eventually, your child will have healthy teeth to the point where they don’t need us.

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Call Gentle Dental Care today, and let’s give your kid the teeth they deserve

Oral Surgeries

While maintenance is always a surefire way to keep healthy teeth, sometimes we start with bad teeth. To fix the damage that’s already been done, we offer a variety of options to choose from. From wisdom teeth removal to bone grafting, dental implants, and extractions, we try to do all we can to help you. We also offer cosmetic options like veneers and dentures, that serve to align and whiten your teeth.

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Gentle Dental Care devotes its energy to better oral health for all of our clients. Whether you are a child or adult, there’s a way for you to benefit from our dental services. Call (281) 353-6300 or find us online for more information. Get it right the first time, and never have to search, “Spring TX best pediatric dentist near me.”

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