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Get your Spring TX Delta Dental at Gentle Dental Care! Gentle Dental Care is a family practice providing the highest quality care for your needs. When it comes to your teeth, our practice excels in making your pearls shine. Because of our concern for healthy teeth, our delta dental dentists are top-of-the-line in their profession. Not all dental practices give you the quality care your teeth deserve. Gentle Dental Care provides a wide range of services to make your teeth brilliant again!

You use your teeth for one of the most mundane tasks humans can do – eating! However, it is easy to take our skills for granted. We need our teeth to bite into the favorite food we enjoy. For example, that steak you’ve been craving all week after getting off of work on Friday is comfort food that can put you at ease. How will you be able to take in a pleasing bite if you have toothaches to worry about. Such issues can be a pain to deal with. Gentle Dental Care provides you with the tools to bite into your cravings without the pain.

Our services are vast and include pediatric, periodontic, cosmetic and restorative, oral surgery, general dentistry, and orthodontics. In fact, mentioning all that we do at once would be exhausting to read through here. Our outstanding work excels in making our patients happy again with their oral hygiene. If you are trying to find a dentist, look no further. Patients find and seek us out because of the reputation of the excellent work we do. Moreover, if you have trouble paying, we accept your insurance company. We spare no expense in giving you customer satisfaction.

Spring TX Delta Dental General Dentistry

The most logical starting off point would be to discuss our dental hygiene. When it comes to your dental health, we keep your smile looking healthy and bright. Let’s face it. A lot of Americans stain their teeth by consuming products with acids and other material that can damage or stain your enamel. For instance, the average morning beverage people usually can’t wake up without is coffee. Coffee makes your teeth look dingy, and its appeal can be a negative for some. For instance, if your job involves a photoshoot, you want to present the best possible for you in the photo.

It will be difficult to send a warm and inviting appearance when your teeth are stained. It is standard to have white teeth in commercial ads or photos when advertising a brand. Moreover, there are photoshop artists who even use pixelation to remove your oral flaws digitally. To make your and their job easier, Gentle Dental Care encourages you to have regular dental hygiene visits. We polish, clean, and remove odor-causing biofilm from your teeth and gums that can cause other problems in the long run.

Your dental plan never looked better!

Additionally, regularly scheduled cleanings aid in preventing cavities and oral diseases. An example of the damage bacteria can cause in the form of periodontal disease. This degenerative disease causes swelling, pain, irritation, bleeding, and bad breath. If not taken care of, the condition of your teeth and gums will deteriorate. Eventually, you can lose your teeth if you don’t schedule regular visits with your network dentist. Therefore, allow Gentle Dental Care to help you and your dental plans to prevent further issues from happening.

Gentle Dental Care Surgery

However, if your teeth ever do get to the point of needing surgery, we also provide a variety of options for that service as well. Wisdom teeth surgery, for instance, is a practical operation that many patients end up needing. You’re lucky if your wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The growth of wisdom teeth has the tendency to push your teeth out of alignment, causing an irregularity in your oral formation. The tooth usually comes in at an angle, interfering with the gumline.

Therefore, we can perform a removal for correction. Extracting teeth is a fairly standard procedure. If left unchecked, it can lead to infections. The process is a rather simple one, though tedious to perform. After the gum tissue around the tooth is cut open, your Spring dentist can grip your tooth tightly with a tool. By wiggling the tooth back and forth, it can be lifted out of the soft gum tissue. However, your body reacts to almost every change performed on it. After the procedure is done, some effects occur.

For example, patients can expect some bleeding after the surgery. Therefore, gauze is provided after the surgery and is recommended to change it out after it becomes soaked. Because of the operation, you will be limited to soft foods your dentist recommends. Some of these foods can be yogurt, mashed potatoes, jello, and other foods you can consume without chewing. Also, scheduling a follow-up appointment is strongly advised to analyze the condition of your mouth after surgery. Gentle Dental Care doesn’t stop showing concern for you until your wound heals.

We want your smile to be as bright as you!

Why Choose Gentle Dental Care

In addition to making sure you are getting the proper care possible, Gentle Dental Care also understands that everyone has different financial situations. When choosing us as your dental care physician, you will get the delta dental insurance treatment. As we stated before, we accept most private insurance plans. We also take Medicaid and CHIP delta dental plans. We are a family service in every sense of the phrase and model that in all the services we provide. If you’d like to receive more information, give us a call at (281) 353-6300!

We’d be more than welcome to consult with you about our different options. After all, when it comes to premier care for your oral hygiene, we have you covered. Our Spring agency can be found at 2400 Farm to Market Road 2920 Suite 150-A. You can also email 2920gentledental@gmail.com if you’d like to set up an appointment. Let Gentle Dental Care be your go-to for your Spring TX Delta Dental needs!

Spring TX Fun Facts

  • Spring TX is home to Collin Park.
  • We host family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year.
  • Old Town Spring downtown has more than 150 restaurants, galleries, and other attractions at its location.
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