February 26, 2020

The Best Teeth Fillings for You

For the best look for you, you need to make sure that your teeth stay healthy for as long as possible. That’s why Gentle Dental Care provides the best teeth fillings and sealants for all of our patients. If you are suffering from a cavity that has decayed away, then a filling is perfect for holding off further decay. Our fillings can also repair broken or cracked teeth, so there’s no reason not to get our help.

Our teeth fillings can repair teeth that have been misused from nail-biting or tooth grinding. Regardless of what state your teeth are in, Gentle Dental Care can help you make them better. When you keep your teeth healthy, you alter the way people see you. Having healthy teeth encourages you to smile more often and provides opportunities that you wouldn’t typically. For instance, interviewers, dates, and friends see that you worry about your health, and you take care of yourself. This opens the door to jobs, new relationships, and more confidence in yourself.

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Tooth decay can cause some real stress for you, so make sure to get it filled

Our Teeth Fillings Improve Your Damaged Teeth

At Gentle Dental Care, we care about your healthcare and how we can help you improve it. If you have a cavity that is giving you trouble, don’t hesitate to get it filled. It’s essential to your comfort and health to have all decaying teeth filled in as soon as possible.

The process for teeth fillings is relatively ordinary and straightforward. Our dentist first numbs the area surrounding the tooth and drills into the tooth to reach the infection. From here, we remove the disease to prevent further decay and fill the hole with a sealant. If the infection reaches your roots, then a root canal may be necessary.

These fillings can be made from several different materials. These materials can include gold, porcelain, silver, plastic, or glass. Gentle Dental Care cares about your health, so we provide all of the equipment and have experts working on all of our patients.

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With our fillings, your child can enjoy all the sweets he wants

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