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The facts behind braces: How do they work?

Braces are the most common treatment option for people who want to fix their “imperfect teeth.” At first sight of crooked or gapped teeth, braces automatically jump into the picture. But, most patients commonly ask us how braces work. We’re here to give you an answer. There are multiple options to choose from with braces from Invisalign, ceramics, and traditional metal braces, there are multiple options to choose from.

You know that your teeth are going to be well adjusted during the process, but the intricates are much less simple.

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All about the process

Your teeth begin to move due to the pressure of the brackets against your teeth. Traditional brackets are the most typical form of teeth correcting appliance, so they are the application we’re referring to in this instance. Brackets are the building block for your moving teeth. They are made from various materials, but they are all bonded to your teeth in the same way–with a special adhesive. Each tooth has a specific bracket made to maximize the tooth’s ability to move in desired positions.

Next is the archwire, or the metal wire you see inserted in between the metal brackets on your teeth. The archwire is the main component of teeth straightening; archwires move your teeth back to their original designed shape. Elastics are also implemented in addition to the wires to aid in moving your teeth more.

Finally, the brackets begin to move your teeth around the tip of the root. This process is called remodeling; the amount that your teeth move depends on each individual’s roots.

How to best care for braces

Brushing your teeth
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Braces should be cared for, specially. If you neglect to care for your braces properly, then it could lead to your gums being inflamed and cut at the end of your treatment. Furthermore, your gums bleeding will be the least of your concern; your teeth could potentially fall out due to neglect.

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