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Have there been any times when an accident occurs, and you need the best emergency dentist near me 77095 can offer? There are usually not many instances when this occurs. That’s because not many clinics will stay available for you into the later hours of the night. They will close and thus, close off services. This can be very problematic for people that have experienced a serious injury or are sustaining chronic pain.

If they need the treatment right then, they should get it! That’s what Gentle Dental wants to provide our clients with. Some of our locations are going to be on call 24 hours a day. We will ensure that you get the aid and care that you need. This is our way of fulfilling an obligation to our customers!

houston tx emergency dentist

Our Houston TX dental emergency services include many of the options from general dentistry and more such as a root canal.

Immediate Services That We Can Offer

There are a couple of treatments that you will be able to receive without a doubt from our emergency clinic. These are not going to be the average cleaning services that you may get during an appointment. They will be specific treatments that are strictly for the stabilization of the patient.

Once the issue has been contained, they will issue preventative methods and then allow you to go home if that is all that is needed. From general to pediatric services, you can bet we have what you need for your urgent care.

Reconstructing Teeth

In the event that you chip or crack your tooth, you can get the services of our emergency clinic. These are going to be very unique and important procedures. The reason being is mostly all cracks or broken teeth will be different, but they will all mean potential exposures for the tooth. If the break is opened wide enough, and the roots of the tooth are shown, there can be a possibility that infection can spread. To avoid this, we want to make sure that we can treat the teeth as fast as possible.

Removing a Tooth

There are other cases where you may simply need a tooth extracted. The result of impacted teeth or damaged teeth within the gum can lead to further complications. If the damage is too severe, it will be better for us to simply remove the tooth. You will be given all of the necessary care to make sure this is as painless as possible. Regardless, it will be quite an intense situation.

Oral Surgery is Necessary

This will regard any of the other treatments that you could receive. This could refer to any sort of cuts or abscesses that are bleeding out in the mouth. It could also be in regards to growth, such as a tumor or high pressure in your joints that needs to be treated immediately. There could be dozens of reasons and dozens of treatments. It all depends on what you require.

Emergency dental care

Finding emergency dental care is not going to be like scheduling an appointment. Just give us a call and get the dental treatment you need! 

Common Scenarios That Could Need Emergency Dentist Near Me 77095

We are just going to go over some circumstances that may force you to get emergency care. These are going to be normal situations that just went awry or growing issues that could simply wait no longer. When we speak of accidents or traumas, you’re likely to think the worst, but it can be a slight treatment that you need. The amount of help we can provide does not have to be extensive. Our goal is to reduce your pain and increase your comfort.

Playing Sports

This can refer to any type of occasion that led to an accident. You could have been playing baseball or lacrosse. There might have been an error from another player that led to the ball hitting you in the mouth. Perhaps you feel as a result of a tackle, or there were other complications. The end result is a mouth injury that needs immediate care. These are great times to seek the help of our emergency care.

Wisdom Teeth

In some cases, your wisdom teeth could be growing at hard-to-project rates. They may also be growing at angles that could impact other teeth in the area. One of the more challenging issues is when they are breaking the surface of the gums. This is when you should get them removed because they can cause a ton of pain. However, it is hard to predict when that time may be, and sometimes it happens at inopportune times. Thus, if you find that you are going through a wisdom tooth crisis at a time that is late and inconvenient, give us a call! We will be ready to help.

Car Accidents

Other options that you may have to go through will regard car accidents. These can create huge problems, and sometimes with the fact that your face is going to receive the force of a full stop either from the car or the airbag, you will probably need some sort of dental care. We have dealt with cases before that need a lot of reconstruction and restoration to get teeth looking normal again. It can be quite unsightly, but our team of dentists works hard to ensure that the end result is worthwhile. We simply don’t want our clients to have to go through the troubles of dealing with these issues longer than they have to. If we can fix the issue right then, we won’t wait to be open again to provide the solution to you.

Gentle Dental Emergency Dental Care

Get emergency dental services from Gentle Dental now!

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Make sure that you get the care you need from the best emergency dentist near me 77095 has. Our Gentle Dental clinic is going to be at the ready whenever you need us. All you have to do is give us a call, and we can help. If you have to get immediate care to help you get back to help, we will do our best to make it efficient and pain-free.

Make sure that you have our contact information in the event that you have to use our services. You can find them at the bottom of the page or visit here to get all of the facts you need. We aim to keep our clients aware and in control of their oral health.


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