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How to choose the right orthodontic treatment option: Braces or Invisalign?

When it comes to making the decision between braces and Invisalign, we understand that it can be a tough choice. Monetarily, one option is cheaper than the other, but there is more to consider when deciding. Of course, we will give you a recommendation from a medical point of view. Certain orthodontic treatments work better than others based on your teeth alone. But, afterward, we let you choose between the two medically safe options.

So, braces or Invisalign? Let us give you the rundown!

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Traditional Braces

Traditional or metal braces are a popular option for most people and often the least expensive option to choose from. These are a safe option that fixes all kinds of teeth issues. The only restraint would be the typical pain you experience from your teeth’ shifting and movement due to the tightening and loosing of the metal appliances. While most older patients stray from choosing this option because of the look, this is still a safe bet and, truly, we bet you’ll still look just as good with them on.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a new (but not brand new) option and replacement from traditional braces. Also, these braces are much smaller than traditional braces, and they are clear or tooth-colored to aid in providing them with a sense of invisibility. This is a popular option for teenagers and adults who don’t want the presence of metal braces hindering their appearance. These braces work the same as traditional metal braces but with one advantage–almost total invisibility.


Finally, the last option you can choose from is Invisalign, a new and technologically advanced option that is only available for teens and adults. Invisalign, like ceramic braces, is the popular option for those who don’t want metal brackets. Invisalign is molded to fit your teeth due to the advanced technology of 3D printing. At Gentle Dental Care, we provide affordable ways for you to get Invisalign as opposed to traditional braces.

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Overall, each option is a great one, and we recommend the best treatment option for you that fits your needs. Scheduling an appointment at any one of our locations is the first step on your orthodontic journey. Next, you’ll consult with one of our dentists about the options that are available to you. Finally, you decide which option you want to pursue, and preparations will be explained to you.

Gentle Dental Cares, and we’re here to help. Whatever option you want to choose is okay; the right option is the option that’s best for you. Give our office a call today at (281) 855-1100.

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