Zoom! Whitening Your Smile!


There are many ways in the field of dentistry on how to preserve your teeth against certain ailments. Stains can turn your smile into a bad impression. But, there is a special procedure that can improve your smile and strengthen your teeth as though you are taking your teeth out for a spa treatment. This product is called Zoom! and it is a special whitening gel that reacts to LED lights in order to activate the chemicals in the gel to help whiten your teeth. Normally, when it comes to whitening your teeth, there is a lot of tools needed to work. Zoom! just requires the gel plus LED lights, but these LED lights have to be in low intensity in order for the gel to react properly as intended.

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Zoom! can do the job to get rid of those nasty stains!

How is it Done?

First, they prep the mouth of the patient for the gel by simply applying the gel on the teeth of the patient into a single layer. Then, they shine the LED light directly to the teeth in order to accelerate the effects of the gel in order to start whitening them. Simple right? Well, of course, it is! This procedure is repeated three times in order to get to the shade of white intended for maximum results.

Once the whitening procedure is finished, they apply a layer of post-treatment gel to the teeth in order to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth, as well as protecting your enamel. This is to reduce pain and the immense intensity of your teeth. You don’t want to bite into something without your teeth hurting, right?

The treatment itself is at least under an hour to whiten your teeth through Zoom! Whitening gel. So, that smile should be good for at least a photo or a public appearance. But remember, it isn’t a fix-all solution. This is only to help whiten your teeth temporarily when requested, and the results of it are phenomenal!

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