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Dental Biopsy and Oral Cancer Screenings

A biopsy is a procedure used to determine whether cancer is present in tissue cells. Furthermore, this method is even used to determine whether a patient has oral cancer.

The team at Gentle Dental is dedicated to helping patients prevent diseases like gingivitis. However, oral cancers are not always preventable.

Furthermore, this is why it is important to allow your dentist to determine whether a biopsy is needed. Keep reading to find out what symptoms you might experience in relation to oral cancer and how a biopsy test is completed.

 Dental Biopsy and Oral Cancer Screenings
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Symptoms to Look For

Oral cancer is defined as a disease that affects the lips, tongue, cheeks, inside of mouth, sinuses, or throat. The uncontrolled growth of cells in these areas can be biopsied to determine if they are cancerous. 

Prevention of cancer is not always possible. However, early detection can go far in controlling the disease and damage to your mouth. Here are some symptoms to look for:

  • swelling, lumps, or crusts on any of these areas
  • persistent oral bleeding
  • white or red patches in the mouth
  • extensive ear pain
  • extreme weight loss
  • noticeable changes in teeth or voice
  • numbness in the face, mouth, or neck
  •  throat discomfort

If you have symptoms on this list that are consistent and do not let up, it is important to contact your dentist. However, even if the biopsy determines cancerous cells are not present, it is better to know for sure. In addition, these symptoms could indicate other oral diseases.

Biopsy Procedures

A biopsy is the collection of tissue in the area where cancer is suspected to be. Additionally, this sample is sent to a lab and goes through tests that will determine the presence of cancer. 

Risk Factors

The truth about cancer is that anyone can contract it. However, there are specific factors you can look at to determine if you are at higher risk. For instance, is there a history of cancer in your family?

Are you a smoker, do you use smokeless tobacco, or drink alcohol excessively? Additionally, high amounts of UV radiation (sunlight), a preexisting HPV condition, can also contribute to the development of oral cancers.

 Dental Biopsy and Oral Cancer Screenings
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Our team at Gentle Dental has the tools and knowledge to perform oral biopsies and cancer screenings. Additionally, if you experience any of the symptoms discussed in this blog, contact our team.

You can learn more about our services, locations, and resources, on our website. Furthermore, consider scheduling an appointment and filling out your new patient paperwork online!

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