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Dental Care

When it comes to quality dental services, one of the most common ones is teeth whitening. Gentle Dental Care is here to provide the best teeth whitening and other dental hygiene for you and your family. We offer a variety of services and ways to keep your teeth healthy and looking good as new. With our teeth whitening, you can enjoy a better-looking mouth at an affordable rate. So give us a shout today, and let’s get you smiling.

Gentle Dental Care does everything they can to provide the best appearance for you and your teeth. When we smile, we tell everyone something about ourselves. When you take care of your teeth, you tell people you meet that you’re the kind of person that cares about presenting themselves professionally. With a great set of pearly whites, you’ll notice a drastic change in your mood and how others perceive you. Not only that, your teeth will come off as healthy and attractive.

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Get teeth that tell everyone you meet that you take care of yourself

Teeth Whitening is Perfect for Every Occasion

There are many situations where whitened teeth can be a significant benefit for you. For example, if you have a job interview, a date, or a social gathering to attend, then clean teeth are perfect. Whether it’s your interviewer, date, or friends, a clean set of teeth can make a difference. The process of keeping your teeth white is not as easy as it may seem. With all of the coffee, tea, wine, food, and smoking we intake, we add to the yellowness of your teeth.

With Gentle Dental Care, we eliminate all of the stains on your teeth and bring them back to their natural color. We use a tray whitening system with two steps. The first step is to make an impression of your teeth for reference of your dental structure. Once we have the impression, we use it to create custom whitening trays. You will have to use these trays over and over and then apply a whitening gel to them. After doing this enough, you’ll notice your teeth change to four-eight different shades.

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Gentle Dental Care’s teeth whitening is second to none

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Gentle Dental Care is here to ensure that you get the best oral hygiene in the greater Houston area. From teeth whitening to fillings, we offer everything you need for quality. Call (281) 855-1100 or find us online for additional information. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get your teeth looking whiter and more natural than ever before.

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