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How to Alleviate TMJ Pain

You use your jaw more than you know. No matter if you talk, yell, eat, or grind your teeth, you are constantly using your jaw. At times this part of your body can grow tired and ache under the pressure of working so hard. This can cause a lot of pain for someone in their neck, face, and head and make it difficult to do daily activities. Most of the time, anti-inflammatory drugs will not always help. However, alternating heat and ice therapy can keep the pain from worsening. 

When you struggle with TMJ issues, you need Gentle Dental to help you!

How to Handle your TMJ

If you are known to grind and clench your teeth, then you might begin experiencing TMJ pain in time. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your TMJ from causing you any problems. Maintaining a soft food diet, for the most part, can help keep the muscles in your jaw from working too hard. Relaxation techniques are also crucial to making sure you do not disrupt any pain. 

Jaw stretching and individual sleeping styles like sleeping on your side can also be critical points to your TMJ. You can keep this issue with your TMJ at ease as long as you continue to monitor how you feel when you are eating. It would be best if you did not neglect this pain because it can become bigger of a problem like TMD. TMD is caused by stress and continuously clenching your muscles in your jaw. 

When you need help with your TMJ, take your business to Gentle Dental, where we will help you with our TMJ therapy. We will look into the issue as well as give you the proper treatment you need. We will diagnose and provide you with a resolution to your pain. Over the counter drugs and heating pads will only work for short term relief but can help solve the issue. We will recommend giving you a nightguard to prevent you from teeth grinding. This will help you not continue to hurt your jaw more than you already have. 

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We understand you do not want to deal with any pain, and you shouldn’t as long as you use Gentle Dental for your teeth’s needs. We will figure out the solution you need so you can continue your days without any problems. Trust us with your teeth, and you will never have to worry again. Give us a call at (281) 855-1100 today to see how we can help you. Or check out our website to read into our services and locations

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