How to Handle Sensitive Teeth

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Gentle Dental Care Team

If you find yourself battling the feeling of sensitivity in your teeth, then it might be time to speak to your dentist at Gentle Dental to help you feel more at peace with your teeth. Sensitive teeth can bother you even with the slightest movements. Cold air and hot or cold drinks hitting your teeth can bring you an uncomfortable feeling. It can be a hassle trying to find comfort in everyday life when your teeth give you consistent trouble. 

Talking to your dentist about your teeth sensitivity can help fix the problem faster. It would be best if you didn’t have to deal with sensitive gums or teeth when there are easy solutions and steps you can take to feel better.

How to Handle Sensitive Teeth

How to Handle Sensitive Teeth

Battling Sensitive Teeth

There are many different ways you can stop your teeth from being a problem for you. One is preventing your tooth’s enamel from further damage. Another method is to try not to brush too hard when it is time to brush your teeth. Understanding proper brushing methods will aid you in alleviating tooth sensitivity. Aggressively brushing your teeth doesn’t get them as clean as you’d think. Making sure you brush every area adequately with light pressure actually cleans your teeth much better. 

Another approach to combating your sensitive teeth would be avoiding acidic foods. Soda, candy, and high sugar carb foods can break down your enamel and make it harder to eat and drink. Try healthier options like cheese and yogurt next time you go for a snack. These types of foods fight off bacteria in your mouth and protect you from problems you might have.

Another approach would be to unclench your teeth in order to prevent grinding. If you suffer from this, then reach out to Gentle Dental for a nightguard. This will help your enamel from wearing and tearing under pressure. If you also partake in bleaching your teeth, it might be time to take a break to let your teeth heal. Additionally, next time you are grocery shopping, take a look at the sensitive teeth toothpaste. This alternative can save you time and effort when you have sensitive teeth.

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