Childrens Dental 77356

Have you found a Children’s Dental 77356 office for your child’s next dental checkup? If you’re still searching, you should consider Gentle Dental. We’re a family-owned, family-operated dentistry with seven locations throughout the greater Houston area. Our Montgomery/Conroe dental office, in particular, is known for our pediatric dentistry, dental hygienist, and cosmetic dentistry. Below, we’ll explain how each of these services can help your child have the best dental health that they can, even at a young age.

If you’re concerned about the price of dental services, you will be pleased to know that Gentle Dental provides dental financing. We make it easy for families to afford dental services so that they don’t have to sacrifice their child’s oral health to take care of other bills and expenses. Furthermore, when you have dental insurance, Gentle Dental Care is proud to accept most major providers’ dental healthcare policies.

Childrens Dental 77356

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Children’s Dental 77356 Hygiene

Many people don’t have their own teeth cleaned regularly by a dental hygienist, let alone their children’s. However, routine dental cleanings are vital to excellent oral health. It’s as though your child’s oral health gets a “fresh start” each time they get a cleaning, which should be every six months. During a dental cleaning, we remove all of the tartar and plaque that the toothbrush or floss picks left behind. Furthermore, our cleanings also serve as a check-up, where we can evaluate teeth and gum health and spot any problems early. We catch cavities before they require root canals and deal with gum disease before it turns into an infection.

Children have many, if not all, of the same oral health issues as adults. Therefore, they should be on the same necessary dental cleaning schedule as adults, as soon as their teeth begin to show. Cleanings prevent issues ranging in severity, from bad breath to oral cancer. Our cleanings are an affordable, preventable measure to make sure that your child’s dental health is ideal throughout the years.

Pediatric Dental Services

We provide many pediatric dental services at our Montgomery location, including sealants, braces, mouth guards, retainers, and emergency dental services.


When it comes to preventative methods, we always recommend sealants. Sealants should not replace a regular dental cleaning schedule. However, sealants can give you added assurance each time you take your child to the dentist. A sealant is a coating that is applied over the child’s back teeth to prevent cavities. Bacteria don’t penetrate the coating and therefore doesn’t break down the tooth and cause decay. Sealants last up to ten years.


At Gentle Dental, we offer three different types of braces. The traditional, metal option is the cheapest and most noticeable type of braces. For a slightly less noticeable look, we have ceramic braces. Lastly, our Invisalign braces are the most expensive but also offer the most in terms of concealability. we not only install braces but maintain them and the teeth that sit behind them the entire time the braces are installed. We know that there’s more to healthy, straight teeth than tightening braces. We make sure your child knows and follows proper oral care with their braces through our regular check-ups.

Mouth Guards, Night Guards, and Retainers

Both our mouth guards and retainers are molded to fit your child’s mouth. Due to this personalized process, the end result is a comfortable, breathable device that protects your child’s teeth. Mouthguards keep your child’s teeth safe during contact or competitive sports. Retainers are a non-surgical method to change the placement of teeth in the mouth, particularly to bring the teeth closer together. Nightguards protect your child’s teeth from grinding, which can cause other issues such as jaw pain, headaches, and teeth wear.

Childrens Dental 77356

Family and Children’s Dentistry serving Montgomery

Emergency Dental Services

If your child suddenly loses a tooth due to an accident or has a wound in their mouth, you should call us. With our emergency dental services, you don’t have to worry about the time or place that the unfortunate incident occurs. Just call us and we’ll tell you how to ensure your child’s tooth and their health. Furthermore, if you’re already a Gentle Dental family, we’ll already have the necessary health information and can act quickly. Time is of the essence when it comes to emergencies, so already being a patient with us can make a difference in the outcome. However, whether you’ve been to our office before or an emergency visit is your first visit, we’ll do everything we can to serve your child and restore their tooth if possible.

You might consider just having your child sleep off the pain and call a dentist in the morning. However, if you call us in time, we can possibly reinsert the tooth. Even if the tooth that was lost was a baby tooth you should still contact us. A temporary tooth that is knocked out before its time for them to fall out can cause future dental issues such as overcrowding or an overbite. Furthermore, some dental issues, such as wounds or infections, can be deadly. Don’t risk your child’s life. We make ourselves available to you 24/7.

Childrens Dental 77356

A pediatric dentist can help your child maintain good oral health!

Call To Ask About Our Children’s Cosmetic Services

If your child does lose or damage a tooth, we have many services that fall under the category of cosmetic or restorative dentistry available, including:

  • Bonding
  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • and more!

Our cosmetic services are used for cracked, chipped, stained, or otherwise aesthetically displeasing teeth. First, we make sure that the needed services are purely for appearances. If a damaged tooth will negatively affect your child’s health, we will suggest another procedure. For example, a decayed tooth that may cause gum disease may need to be extracted. Then, we can discuss cosmetic services to replace the removed tooth.

If your child needs any cosmetic services to replace or repair a tooth, call us at (936) 447-3000. In addition to pediatric services, we offer several other dental treatments including oral surgery. For any of our services, you can schedule an appointment with us online. We actually offer “Gentle” dental care and are sure that your child won’t loathe his or her dental visit. We offer all children’s dental 77356 solutions and can’t wait to serve your family!

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