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Are you looking for a Conroe Kids dentist? We have some of the best dental care available in the Houston area. You would do well to get service from one of our clinics in your area. Our team is going to have the best preparation. All of our equipment is top of the line and the software we use can keep an excellent record. Your children will have a full history kept and their cleanings will be maintained on a routine basis every year. You can rest assured that your kids will have the same great healthcare that you are getting from us. We can provide these great services across the board!

If you believe you would like to set your child’s appointment up now, please click here. Otherwise, enjoy our article on the services we offer children, and the family all together! We are proud to showcase these treatments and the ability to offer such a high-quality experience. Let us know how we can help you, Gentle Dental is always trying to improve.

Pediatric Dentistry in Conroe

Our pediatric dentists can prevent your kids from cavities.

Services Of A Conroe Kids Dentist

You are going to get some unique treatments when it comes to pediatric care. This is due to the fact that your child has infant teeth still. When they still have these teeth, it means they are going through their growing stages. As it occurs, your teeth will move and shift all over the place. To avoid the costs we have alternatives that can help with the expensive care of your mouth without having to make expensive solutions to teeth issues that are temporary. Since all of our infant’s teeth fall out, issues that occur to the teeth, in particular, are not as serious. They still demand protection though, and that’s why we have these options available to ensure that your child’s teeth are safe.


This is a short-term solution, the filling or crown is going to be the least cost-effective option so this is the alternative. The same benefit can be done by the sealant so it is by far the best choice. This can help protect your teeth against a variety of problems. When a sealant is placed on a child’s tooth, the major components of stains and cavities are prevented.

The sealants will be great options if a child has damage to their infant’s teeth. Instead of a normal crown or filling, we will instead recommend using a sealant. This is due in part to several reasons. They cannot use their infant teeth for more than a few more years so that they do not need a permanent filling if the tooth falls out it will be a waste.

Mouth Guards

Another challenge for children is the crowded nature of their teeth. It’s not a permanent problem because these are infant’s teeth and they will naturally fall out in time. However, it is certainly a matter of discomfort. It can cause a lot of pain for your children until their adult teeth come in.

Many times, the issues that their infant teeth cause can create long term issues that they will want to avoid. Mouthguards can help with this. They can also function as the introductory aid before getting braces. They will provide a certain amount of force and pressure to manage your mouth’s space until the new adult teeth settle. We can’t hold the teeth with braces until your child gets their adult teeth because it is too costly. Without charging you an arm and a leg for a pointless operation, we want to give you the most care at the best price.

Oral health for your infant children matters greatly to us.

Children Can Get Help From The Orthodontist, Too!

You will want to be certain that your child has all of the different areas of the mouth checked. This regards the structure of the gums, the location of the teeth, and also the way you are biting or holding your mouth. The location of your occlusion is going to be something an orthodontist will check. Even if your child is unable to get braces, it doesn’t mean that an orthodontist cannot offer help to him.

One of these specialists can help you with many of the biting problems you may have when you grow up. They can help you to change the angle of your biting to avoid having an overbite or underbite. We know that you want the greatest control over the oral care of your children, so we’ve got the most to provide for you! This is going to be some of the earliest cosmetic aid that you can offer your children. If you want to know more about what else we can provide children in this area, look into our mouth guards more specifically.

Periodontics For Kids

When it comes to children, you still have to maintain the roots of their teeth. These lay in the gums and the jaw. That is going to be the primary role of a periodontist. Their study regards the health and security of your gums. The periodontal areas refer to the structures protecting and supporting the teeth.

If you have issues with your jaw or your gums, it can be difficult to chew or even use your teeth. This is something that you should watch out for when your gums are compromised. Indeed, certain gum diseases force your teeth to fall out. It can be very serious if a child contracts something of this nature. Even if their infant teeth will fall out already it can be more threatening if left untreated. Nevertheless, we will be in a position to provide them with care and this could be dire.

Oral Surgery If Absolutely Necessary

This is only if we require serious surgery for your child. If they have severe periodontal disease or some kind of infection. It is important to be able to have this available if they have a sickness that requires removal of the teeth, gums, roots or even bones. Whenever you are in these circumstances, you do not want to risk any sort of time or resources. We can provide you with all the care you might need. If the need persists, Gentle Dental is prepared to deal with this. Before taking any kind of treatment of this degree, ensure you receive a professional confirmation first.

We provide excellent pediatric dentistry to Conroe TX!

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