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Did you know that your child needs Conroe TX childrens dental care before they even begin to show teeth? While it may be a bit disturbing to think about, bacteria grows in everyone’s mouth—including your baby’s. Proper and professional dental care is required in order to ensure that your child’s teeth grow strong, healthy, and straight. At Gentle Dental Care, our dentists provide excellent dental services for young children and teens.

One of the most underestimated attributes in adulthood is a winning style. Give your child an advantage by making sure that their teeth are well taken care of. By the time they leave home for college or to start a family of their own, you’ll have instilled in them good habits and the value of dental implants. Gentle Dental Care wants to help keep your family’s teeth healthy for life, and it’s always great to get an early start.

How early should your child visit a dentist? You should bring your baby to Gentle Dental Care as soon as the first tooth erupts from the gums. We won’t have to perform a procedure, but we’ll make sure that your young one’s oral health is on the right track. As more teeth begin to grow in, we’ll perform check-ups and follow up with cleanings. Our dental care regiment allows us to spot any problem areas early on and save or even protect your child’s teeth and gums. When their adult teeth begin to come in, we’ll make sure they grow properly and don’t cause any difficulties with speaking, eating, or chewing. If any of those issues arise, we have the tools and procedures in our office to correct them.

Conroe TX Childrens Dental

Conroe Dental care for infants, children, and teens!

Childrens Dental Care From Infancy to Teenage

Below, we’ll explain how Gentle Dental Care can provide dental health service for your kid’s entire childhood with our extensive range of services. No matter how old your child is, it’s never too late to get serious about their oral health. The following procedures are mentioned as examples of common services we provide for that particular age group. However, depending on your child’s teeth and dental care history, he or she might need a different dental service. And that’s perfectly fine! Many adults come to Gentle Dental Care each day for these same services, and we can treat kids and adults. All teeth need similar forms of care and protection, and we have the technology to perform painless dental care service for everyone.


There’s not much we can do for your infant at our Conroe TX Gentle Dental Care office, but we can give you some advice about how to start your baby off with great a great oral health practice.

Each day, gently wipe your baby’s gums with a soft cloth. This will get rid of the bacteria in your child’s mouth and keep their gums strong and healthy. Also, please follow the American Pediatric Association’s guidelines for bottle and pacifier use. The Association recommends that by the time your baby is 18 months old, he or she is no longer using a bottle for feeding. Prolonged bottle-feeding can cause tooth decay, especially if you allow your infant to sleep with the bottle in his or her mouth. Also, restrict pacifier use and don’t allow your child to such their thumb or fingers. Sucking, whether a thumb, pacifier or even a bottle nipple, can cause the teeth to pull forward in the mouth. Your child may suffer from an overbite or overcrowding when their teeth begin to come in.

Conroe TX Childrens Dental

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Children’s dental care is mostly about prevention and protection. Now is the time to teach your children how to brush their teeth properly. Everyone needs to brush their teeth in a circular motion for two full minutes with a soft-bristle brush. Furthermore, developing a daily flossing practice is ideal. We’ll discuss proper dental self-maintenance in more detail during your child’s dental appointment. Furthermore, now is the time to start scheduling regular dental cleanings with a certified dental hygienist. Our hygienist keeps teeth clean by removing inconspicuous plaque and buildup every six months.

We recommend sealants for young children as soon as their adult molars come in. Sealants cover the tooth and protect it from developing cavities. Our sealants are clear and are unnoticeable to the human eye. Even better, the last ten years and don’t need to be replaced during childhood.

If your kid does have a cavity, we can put in a crown. Our crowns also blend in with the rest of the teeth in the mouth! A crown is a covering that protects the tooth from further decay, which can prevent the need for a more expensive procedure.


If your child developed poor dental habits during infancy or childhood, you might notice overcrowded teeth or an irregular jaw position. At Gentle Dental Care, we offer corrective services. We have three different braces options for you and your teen to choose from, which vary in terms of concealability. We’ll maintain your child’s oral health throughout the entire time they have braces. their teeth will be stronger and healthier than ever by the time the braces come up!

Conroe TX Childrens Dental

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Gentle Dental Care accepts nearly all major dental insurance provider’s plans, so you don’t have to stress over whether your dental insurance is accepted here or covers our procedures. For parents who don’t currently have dental insurance, we recommend our dental financing plan so that you don’t forego your and your child’s oral health. Instead of paying for the entire cost of a procedure after each visit, you can break up payments in accordance with our flexible agreement.

We provide nearly all dental services your child cover need, from infancy up into adulthood and even old age. From cleanings to dentures, Gentle Dental Care offers the most comprehensive dental service in Conroe TX. We can even protect your child’s teeth and gums around-the-clock with our emergency dental service. Accidents happen, and kids are clumsy. If your child injures their mouth or knocks out a tooth, pass up the emergency room and call us instead. We can be reached at any time for emergency service or a regular appointment at (936) 447-3000. You also have the option of scheduling an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you and your child! No one can take care of your kid’s teeth as well as Gentle Dental’s Conroe TX childrens dental care.

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