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If you are looking for a Conroe TX dentist office near me, have you tried Gentle Dental? We are going to be able to offer amazing service at our clinic. You can come in to get our regular cleaning and start from there or give us a call to see what we have available. This article today will go in-depth on the selection of services that we provide our clients. We will also elaborate on the care we provide such as the pediatric care available. Furthermore, we will provide more information on some of the methods of payment that we allow and how to make it easier for people. Our goal is to make this the most family-friendly environment. We want every process to be easier and seamless for our customers.

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Don’t worry, in the event of a dental emergency, you can get full services and dental health care from us!

Wide Range Of Services

You are going to gain access to excellent services when you start going to Gentle Dental. They have mastered the concept of inter-disciplinary. With a wide range of different treatments and programs, it requires many specialized doctors. As a result, many of our clients’ ailments are able to get proper care with little to no delay. Underneath this, we’ve listed out the main array of disciplines that Gentle Dental can offer. Each will be linked for your convenience, we hope we can help!

General Dentistry

This will regard your basic upkeeps and routine treatments that you may receive through your yearly checkups and run of the mill operations. These will consist of tooth cleanings, preventative care, cavity filling, sealants, and other smaller jobs. These sorts of procedures are non-invasive and do not require a high degree of specialization.

When your dentist treats you, you will be given a very attentive analysis that examines many aspects of your oral hygiene. We will often prescribe certain applicants and products to help with issues or enhance protective agents. Our doctors are going to be able to provide you with a ton of useful information that is both insightful and productive.


If you are looking for something more than just an average cleaning, you may be looking into orthodontics. This is going to focus on the structure of your mouth, and how your teeth are arranged. It will be especially helpful if you happen to have very crowded teeth. The effect of relocating teeth, or even removing them altogether can be useful. Not only is it an aesthetic improvement, but there are many added benefits on the health spectrum, too.

When in the position of getting braces or another mouth shaping equipment, you can rest assured that your orthodontist will provide you with ample information. Please keep in mind also that the braces are going to be available for adults as well. We want to ensure our clients that they have every option available for oral care.

Let us know if you are interested in our ClearCorrect products as well. These can be very comforting alternatives to the visually awkward braces. Instead of having a metal mouth, you can get a more satisfying clear pair of mouthpieces that still work as the braces do. By the end of the treatment plan, your teeth will be straight and strong, ready for showing off!

Conroe General Dentist Near Me

For the best dental health, our services include dental implants, tooth extractions, and more!


Let’s say that your issues are less on the aesthetic side of things. Perhaps you have problems with a prolonged illness or genetic condition that makes your gums susceptible to infection or gum disease. Having swollen gums can be painful and it can be tough to tackle areas like the mouth because of how complex it is. As a result, a periodontist is going to be able to solve these issues for you. Their specialty is in the study of the structures that support the teeth — like the gums. Their role in keeping your gums and jaw healthier and reinforced will be integral for cases like these.

Oral Surgery

While there are many cases of oral surgery that are not necessarily serious, it’s still surgery. Yet, the fact remains we are going to be able to provide you with the treatment regardless of how severe it may be. You could be getting your wisdom teeth removed or having a root canal performed. We will treat it the same in either case.

This sort of care is going to be available for all of our clients. We even have options for emergency services as well. Our surgeons can be on call at all hours of the day if need be. Their work is indispensable to the public, as many people need immediate dental care. When problems occur Gentle Dental will serve the needs of the people as best as we can.

Cosmetic Dentistry

On the other hand, if your problems are not entirely health-related but rather, purely aesthetic, we can help with that! Our branch of cosmetic dentistry carries tons of options that can help your teeth look brighter, whiter, and much more beautiful smile than any treatments you might be able to do at home. With the ability to give lumineers, veneers, whitening treatments and all sorts of crowns and bridges, you are going to have plenty of choices on your hands!

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You can get our services from other clinics, but it won’t be the same quality. To ensure that you are getting specialized and above standard treatment, you’ll have to go to Gentle Dental. Otherwise, it just won’t be the same. In order to get the most out of our team, make sure to set up an appointment and get us all of the information we may need to give you the best experience. Our staff will be able to handle a huge variety of options, it just depends on what you might need. Visit our website if you’d like to know more, otherwise, enjoy our services. Let us know if you want to check out our Conroe TX dentist office near me, we want to give you the whole tour!


  1. Lake Conroe is 22,000 acres!
  2. Conroe was first settled in the early 1800s.
  3. The downtown business district of the city was developed in the 1890s.
  4. For more information about Conroe, click here!