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Have you found the best Conroe TX Dentist Office for your family? If you’re not going to Gentle Dental, you’re probably not. While other dental care offices may perform the service you need at the moment, are you confident that your current dentistry can help your family, no matter what? Gentle Dental Care offers over 30 different dental services for families with members of all ages. No matter what happens, if it involves you or your child’s oral health, Gentle Dental Care can help. Our dentistry has been in operation for over twenty years, and we’re family-owned dentistry that knows the value of family. We also know that life is full of surprises, especially whenever children are concerned. Our services are designed to prevent and treat dental problems with minimal pain.

Children who fear the dentist avoid dental care later in life. People who fail to take care of their oral health, especially throughout adulthood, can have other health issues. Poor oral health is linked to other problems such as heart health and repeat illnesses. You can give your child an advantage just by bringing them to dentistry where they can feel safe and comfortable. As your child gets older, you won’t have to look elsewhere because Gentle Dental provides services for teens and adults as well. To make dental care affordable for the whole family, we offer flexible dental financing for families without a dental insurance plan.

Conroe TX Dentist Office

Best Dentist in Conroe for root canal treatments

Preventative Dental Services

Gentle Dental provides many different services. We believe that proper oral health starts with prevention. We offer dental cleanings for all ages. Our cleanings are performed by a certified dental hygienist. You should have your teeth professionally cleaned at least every six months. Children can come in for teeth cleanings and check-ups as soon as their baby teeth begin to erupt from the gums.

Another form of preventative dental health care that we offer is sealants. Our sealants prevent cavities by protecting the teeth from bacteria. The coating is impenetrable and bacteria won’t wear down your enamel and cause decay. Sealants last ten years and keep your teeth safe during lapses in dental coverage or routine dental maintenance. We recommend sealants particularly for children because they are still trying to developing good oral hygiene. In the meantime, don’t let bacteria take advantage of their inexperience. By the time the sealants wear off, your child should have good brushing and flossing patterns and can take care of their teeth well enough on their own. Professional teeth cleanings will get whatever their toothbrush can’t reach.

While people often think about preventing cavities, we know there are other things that we as dentists can prevent. Namely, our retainers can prevent many health issues down the line. Teeth grinding can cause pain, as well as jaw injury and tooth damage. Nightly grinding can cause a person to feel poorly during the day. With our mouthguards, we can stop nightly tooth grinding and prevent a lot of aches and pains. We also have options for TMJ therapy to preserve jaw and tooth health. Our services can prevent trips to the doctor or emergency room.

Conroe TX Dentist Office

Services include gum disease treatment, wisdom teeth, and tooth extractions.

Dental Emergency Care

Speaking of staying out of the emergency room, Gentle Dental Care has 24/7 emergency dental care service. When you go to the emergency room, you often have to wait a long time to be seen by a doctor, despite having an “emergency.” Furthermore, if that emergency involves your teeth, the doctor won’t be equipped to properly care for you. Instead, you should call us for our emergency dental care service. We always have a dentist’s on-call to help you. If you suddenly lost a tooth or discover an infection, you need emergency dental care. Call us at our office number right away to speak with someone.

It’s vital that the dentistry that you choose for your family offers emergency dental care. Children are prone to sudden accidents, usually at the most unfortunate times. When your emergency dentist is also your primary dentist, your dentist already has all of the information that they need. Instead of only saving our number in case of an emergency, consider us for all of your family’s dental needs. If an accident does arise, the treatment process will be much less stressful.

Conroe TX Dentist Office Cosmetic Services

There are many reasons that you or your child might need cosmetic dental work. For instance, if an accident happens and your child loses a tooth, we can restore their style. If we aren’t able to reinsert their actual tooth, our dental implants serve as a nice replacement. Not only are they the same color as a regular tooth, but they are just strong. Dental implants are a permanent option that you or your child will soon get used to.

If you want to hide teeth that you don’t like, but don’t need them to be removed, you can get veneers or lumineers. Both of these options cover the front of your teeth. Though your teeth may be jagged, chipped, or stained, everyone else will see a sparkly white smile thanks to the lumineers. Though neither of these options is permanent, they last decades. A benefit of their non-permanence is that they can be removed. If you decide you want another cosmetic procedure, such as teeth whitening or bonding, we can just remove the lumineers and use another cosmetic method.

Though not entirely cosmetic, we also offer three different options for braces. Your child or teen might need braces primarily for cosmetic purposes, such as tooth alignment. However, by realigning teeth, braces can also prevent future dental or health issues. Misaligned teeth can be hard to clean on one’s own, or may interfere with speaking or eating. We offer the classic option and Invisalign braces that are practically unnoticeable.

Conroe TX Dentist Office

We provide pleasant and stress-free dental experiences!

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We’ve only mentioned a few of the services that we offered. To view a more extensive list of services, click here. We have many locations throughout the Houston area, and most of them offer emergency dental care. No matter where you are when you’re met with an unpleasant surprise, call Gentle Dental Care at (936) 447-3000When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you can do so online. If you need a Conroe TX dentist office to take care of your family’s oral health, you should bring your family to Gentle Dental Care.

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