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Do you visit a Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX every six months? You should! If you don’t, that’s probably because you haven’t heard that Gentle Dental has the best dentists in town! We offer thorough yet gentle dental cleanings for the entire family. Furthermore, we offer all of the adult, pediatric, and geriatric dental services that your family could need. If we don’t perform a specialized dental operation that you or a loved one requires at our Montgomery office, we’re confident that we offer the service at one of our other 6 locations. We’re conveniently located throughout Harris County, which allows us to provide superb dental care to families throughout the area. This also makes us one of the leading providers of emergency dental care in the South Texas area. Join the Gentle Dental family today!

Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX

Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX

Start Your Dental Maintenance Today

Beginning a regular dental hygiene program is important. A dental hygienist will clean the plaque on your teeth. She will polish your teeth. If present, Gentle Dental will find a solution for the odor that comes from your mouth. Regular dental visits prevent oral disease and cavities. To keep your natural teeth looking good, reach out to one of many Gentle Dental locations today.

If you neglect your gums, you might get gingivitis. You may not realize that periodontal maintenance is the only sure way to keep gum disease out of your mouth. This type of maintenance is usually done by the hygienist at Gentle Dental when you set up regular visits. The removal of plaque and tartar from your gums is crucial to the overall care of your mouth. Gentle Dental will decide how frequently your periodontal maintenance needs to be if you need service more than twice per year. As your gums get healthier, you’ll be able to resume the normal cleaning schedule.

Prevent Tooth Decay with Gentle Dental

Do you want to protect your teeth against tooth decay? Unfortunately, cavities on your back molars are easy to get if you do not have an ongoing dental maintenance program. These are the teeth that are most vulnerable to decay because of the amount of chewing that is done. Putting a sealant on your teeth is a good way to protect these teeth against tooth decay and cavities.

Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX

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Gentle Dental can apply a sealant, which is a liquid over the tooth. The liquid will become hard and then it will create a barrier between your tooth and any bacteria or plaque. Sealants last up to ten years. This is a process that can be repeated if necessary. Protect your teeth with sealants from Gentle Dental. Call our offices for more information on this amazing way to avoid cavities and other hindrances your teeth are prone to.

Unscheduled Toothaches

Gentle Dental has emergency dental care and is ready for you when that ache sets in. Furthermore, we can deal with surprise gum infections or physical trauma to the mouth. Call us right away if you need emergency service. 

However, you may not necessarily have a dental emergency. Another cause of mouth pain occurs in the jaw. Jaw discomfort, headaches, and jaw popping may be signs of a TMJ issue. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, the joint that allows your jaw to move. Excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding can wear down this joint. If identified and rectified soon enough, your TMJ problems don’t have to become an emergency. But if you don’t seek help, they might. You may begin to have trouble opening and closing your mouth, in addition to the jaw and head pain you already experience. Furthermore, you can damage your teeth and put them at greater risk of decay. At Gentle Dental Care, we have TMJ therapy techniques to restore your oral health and prevent further issues.

Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX

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PRP During Surgery

Research shows that using our own blood cells will accelerate healing and tissue regeneration in all forms of surgery. Platelets, plasma, and white blood cells are the materials in this procedure. Your platelets have protein and that is the number one ingredient. Gentle Dental offers this procedure. This platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is common in oral surgeries that involve hard and soft tissues.

In a procedure that only takes a few minutes, the plasma proteins are taken in the office. As a result, the use of PRPs in surgery will ensure that the patient heals well from any surgery. If you have a history of complications from hard and soft tissue regenerations, PRP is the way to go. Make sure you call Gentle Dental and let them know that you have had complications. We will help you with this problem.

Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX

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Cosmetic Services

Once we’ve performed the dental procedure that is necessary to maintain your oral health, you have the option to decide how you want your teeth to look. Some people are okay with a missing or chipped tooth and it doesn’t really bother them much. However, others immediately seek a replacement for their removed or damaged teeth. Even within that group of people, there are those who want their new tooth go practically unnoticed, and others want a flashy gold crown. No matter what your preferences are, we can find a cosmetic solution for you.

In addition to implants, bridges, and veneers, we also offer teeth whitening services. We actually have three different methods we can use to whiten your teeth. Call us to discuss the different strategies we use, and which would be best for you.

While not necessarily a cosmetic product, we also offer braces at many of our locations. We mention them here because braces have the potential to drastically change the appearance of your teeth. From the classic metal bands to our invisible retainers, we have several methods to realign your smile.


Call Our Dentist Office Near Me Montgomery TX

Call Gentle Dental, your dentist office near me Montgomery Tx to begin your regular dental maintenance or schedule your needed one-time procedure. We assure you that coming to our office will not be a bad experience. We here at Gentle Dental want your experience to be a positive one. That is why we only have the best working throughout our locations. Our Montgomery/Conroe office is at 16145 Highway 105 West Suite 400 Montgomery Tx 77356. Learn more about Gentle Dental Care online. Reach out to us by calling (936) 447-3000. Schedule your appointment online today!

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