Kids Dentist 77356

Are you in need of a Kids Dentist 77356? Consider Gentle Dental care for all necessary preventative and restorative dental care for your little one! We love working with children because we believe that a good dental experience keeps kids coming back to the dentist well into adulthood. On the other hand, painful or scary dental procedures can scar children for life. As a result, their oral health will suffer. The first step to ensuring that your children develop good dental health habits that extend past their morning brushing is finding a dentistry that they don’t loathe visiting. At Gentle Dental, our bilingual staff knows how to provide a positive experience for young children or those who have been scared by a dentist before. We look forward to repairing your child’s relationship with the dentist.

Kids Dentist 77356

Montgomery Dentist for Kids

Kids Dentist 77356 Services

At Gentle Dental Care, we offer many services for people of all ages. However, we believe that children benefit from a few of our services in particular. While we offer these services to any age group, we know that children are prone to certain oral health issues. Their active lifestyles, high energy levels, and inexperience with teeth brushing leave them prone to mouth injury and tooth decay. Therefore, we recommend sealants and mouthguards for almost every child that visits Gentle Dental.


Our sealants are a strong, protective coating that we place on your child’s molars. While your child might not be brushing their teeth perfectly, molars are particularly difficult to clean. The grooves and crevices allow bacteria to hide and wear away at the enamel. Even experienced brushes have trouble preventing molar cavities. Thus, we recommend sealants as soon as your child’s final set of molars erupt. Sealants last over a decade. By the time the sealants wear off, we hope that your child understands the importance of routine dental care and visits their dentist at least twice per year.

Mouth Guards

While all children are prone to slips, falls, and accidents, a mouth guard might not be necessary. However, if your child is involved in a competitive sport, a mouthguard is a requirement. In fact, any wise coach won’t allow them to play without one! We can create a mouthguard that was personally molded to fit your child’s mouth. Our mouthguards are thin and breathable. Furthermore, speaking won’t be obstructed, so your star quarterback can still clearly call plays. You can get a mouthguard from the sporting goods store, but the options available are usually bulky and uncomfortable. On top of that, they don’t offer the best protection because they weren’t designed just for your child’s teeth. You can trust our mouthguards to keep your child’s smile safe.

Kids Dentist 77356

Did you know that kids can develop gum periodontal disease?

General Kids Dental Services

Though we recommend sealants and mouthguards specifically for kids, that’s not the end of their dental care treatment. Below we list a few services that you commonly think of as being performed on adults. These services can greatly benefit a child’s oral health.

Dental Cleanings

Once your child’s first tooth appears, you should start thinking about dental cleanings. The proper tooth to completely eliminate plaque and buildup is not available in the store. You need the help of a professional dental hygienist. Our dentists have both the tools and the experience to get rid of inconspicuous plaque. A regular dental cleaning schedule, as per our recommendation of every six months, goes a long way in maintaining oral health. For example, cleanings can spot and prevent both cavities and gum disease. In fact, with routine cleaning, your child has a much lesser chance of needing a more expensive procedure. Cleanings can save you money in the long term on dental bills.


We place crowns over decaying or damaged teeth to prevent further damage. Crowns are the size and shape of the actual tooth and can be totally indistinguishable. Our porcelain option blends in with the other teeth in your kid’s mouth. Gone are the days of the shiny gray crowns that everyone associated with bad teeth and poor oral health. We know that kids are still figuring out how to develop proper dental hygiene, and crowns aren’t a “scarlet letter.” If your child develops a cavity, we’ll place a crown over the tooth to protect it.


As your child gets older and has all of their adult teeth, they might need braces. Certain habits can affect how their teeth grow in, and with braces, their teeth don’t have to stay that way. We offer three different styles of braces. In addition to the classic look, we offer ceramic braces for added concealability. However, if your child hates the idea of noticeable braces, they will prefer our Invisalign option. No matter which you and your child decide, our dentists will help them maintain good oral health the entire time the braces are installed. We’ll have regular check-ups to make sure everything is tightened properly and that the teeth behind the braces are still strong and healthy.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

While wisdom teeth for some people may not fully erupt until their mid- to late-2o’s, others develop them during their teen years. Many people have to get their wisdom teeth removed. Because there is limited space in the mouth, impacted wisdom teeth cause other teeth to shift and crowd the mouth if they fully erupt. We’ll remove these wisdom teeth so that your teen can keep their same smile.

Kids Dentist 77356

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Above, we listed the services that children and teens most commonly visit the dentist for. However, Gentle Dental Care offers over 30 services for all ages. Whatever your child needs, routine or emergency, we’re here to help. Fortunately, we don’t need to give referrals because we perform most services in-house. That means that if one of our offices is in an ideal location for you, why not consider us your family dentistry? On the other hand, if our Montgomery dentistry seems rather far, consider one of our other locations. We are located throughout the Houston area. Call us today at (936) 447-3000 or schedule an appointment for your child online. We’re the place to go when you need a top-quality Kids Dentist 77356.

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