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Are you looking for a Montgomery Dentist Open Today? Gentle Dental is open 6 days out of the week and we can get you in for an appointment. All you will need to do is reach out to us and describe the issues that you are having. This way, we can be prepared to evaluate your specific issues when you arrive at our location. If you are unsure what is wrong, it can never hurt to get a check-up. There are some issues that are fairly easy to deduce while others are not so simple. If you are confused about something that is occurring with your teeth, it is best to consult a dentist before the problem progresses.

There are many different aspects to dentistry, as you may know. Some of these aspects are almost entirely different practices, but all are meant for the benefit of your teeth. In this article, we will discuss cosmetic, surgical, and pediatric dentistry, as well as the differences between them. You should know that Gentle Dental provides all of these services, emergency services, and more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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When we say cosmetic dentistry, we refer to anything that is meant to better the appearance of your teeth. For example, whitening is an entirely cosmetic procedure because it has no other benefit than looks. Some other examples of cosmetic dentistry are veneers, implants, or bonding. If you aren’t familiar with any of these, don’t stress over it. At Gentle Dental, we can help you to understand these cosmetic processes and how they can benefit you.


Veneers are little covers that are placed over the front of your teeth. It is usually made of ceramic material which is meant to be attached to your other teeth. These, or lumineers (which are essentially thinner veneers), are meant to cover your stained, cracked, or chipped teeth. Their purpose is to improve the actual appearance of your smile. Many people choose lumineers instead since they take up less space.


When you get any teeth removed, your dentist may recommend implants. These are ceramic, man-made teeth which can be implanted within your mouth to fill empty spaces left behind by other teeth. Dentists have found that missing teeth can weaken your jaw, so it is best to get an implant for both aesthetic and functional reasons. This is a surgical procedure but is considered a part of cosmetic dentistry.


Bonding is done with a composite resin which hardens into tooth-colored material. It is used to correct noticeable cracks or gaps in the teeth of the wearer. If you are wondering how to make your cracked teeth look normal again, bonding is a great choice. The material can be polished down so that it looks like one cohesive part of your tooth. Many people love this option in the face of cosmetic issues with their teeth.

Surgical Procedures

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In the field of surgical dentistry, there are a lot of surgeries that are performed for your benefit. Unlike the procedures above, these are not done for purely cosmetic reasons, but to protect the health and function of your mouth. While this may seem daunting, you should know that only qualified professionals perform these surgeries and that they always have your better interests in mind. Some dental surgeries we can look at are extractions, bone grafting, and wisdom tooth removal.


Anytime a tooth is completely removed, this is called an extraction. This can be one or multiple teeth. Since dentists always seek to preserve your teeth, this is only done if your teeth are causing you severe pain, getting infected often, or impacting other teeth. After an extraction, you will be limited to eating very soft or liquid foods while your mouth heals from the removal. While we can recommend extractions, it’s ultimately your choice to go through with you.

Bone Grafting

During grafting, a bone sample is taken from the patient or from a cadaver to rebuild your jawbone. This is done for the purpose of restoring your jaw in the case of deterioration. Since this is such an invasive procedure, it is not done often and will only be recommended if your dentist believes you need one. Don’t be frightened by the use of cadaver bone. All of the bone we use comes from reputable bone banks who specialize in making sure this material is useable and completely safe for your body.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

This is a form of tooth extraction that specifically focuses on your wisdom teeth. When your wisdom teeth come in, they tend to push against your other teeth and cause great amounts of pain. Even more, when left unattended, your wisdom teeth can push your other teeth into becoming impacted. If you ever had braces, your teeth bite could be completely ruined by wisdom teeth. There should be four teeth in total.

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  • John Wyatt Moody and W.W. Shepard named this town after their home town, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • The Texas flag design originated here in 1838.
  • Lake Conroe was constructed in 1973 to prevent further droughts in the area.
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