Montgomery Texas DDS Near Me

Are you tired of searching “Montgomery Texas DDS near me?” That search ends today, with Gentle Dental Care. Our dental team of expert hygienists, specialists, and assistants is excited to bring you the best in dental health and hygiene. With the latest dental technology, we find the best treatment plan to provide you with a healthy smile. Our services range from general, family, emergency, pediatric, to cosmetic dental assistance. Gentle Dental Care’s goal is to ensure that all of our patients are satisfied with excellent oral health. When it comes to dental hygiene, it’s imperative to maintain your mouth at all costs. Dental disease can have long-lasting, even permanent effects.

To keep you clean and looking good, our Montgomery dentists work closely with you to assure you that you’ve got the best in the business working on your teeth. We serve Montgomery to attain outstanding results. Don’t let your next dentist appointment freak you out; come to the most trusted dental team in Texas. Call now to schedule an appointment, or visit our office during our business hours to find out what we can do for you.

Montgomery TX DDS Near Me

Finding Montgomery Texas DDS Near Me Made Easy!

You Don’t Have To Search “Montgomery Texas DDS Near Me” Anymore

We’ve been serving the Montgomery, Dobbin, and Conroe TX areas for years, and we intend to keep providing these residents with the best dental experience in Texas. When it comes to dental offices, none are as trusted or highly rated as Gentle Dental Care. With our state-of-the-art office and cutting-edge technology, we find the most comfortable and convenient way to bring the most excellent service right to you and your family. No matter what your reason for seeking out our aid, our experts treat you as our most important client every time.

Patients go to the dentist for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s due to infected, cracked, or crooked teeth, Gentle Dental Care offers a service that’ll be perfect for you. Once we get a good look at what we’re working with, we start on developing a treatment option that would benefit you the most. Between our cosmetic dentistry and general services, we’re sure we’ll find the right service for your oral health. In addition, most dental insurance companies cover our services, which means that you are covered all the way around.

Montgomery Texas Dental Office

Keep your teeth clean and looking good

Our Services Cover Everything You Need!

The benefits of correct dental care are self-evident. Aside from maintaining a clean mouth, we can also provide you with general hygiene such as teeth cleaning, whitening, and other oral services. It’s essential to regularly come in for cleanings and check-ups so we can help you manage and prevent your dental health. Once you’ve accomplished all of the general hygiene (such as brushing flossing regularly), it’s time to focus on identifying any possible infections.

Root Canals

When it comes to infection, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our specialists determine whether or not you require any attention to the nerves of your teeth. Endodontics is a dental specialty that concerns the nerves of the teeth. Infected teeth can develop at the root of your teeth. As a result, your teeth will begin to ache and your mouth gives off a foul odor. If the nerves of your teeth become infected, a root canal may be necessary. Our root canals numb the area around the tooth and drill a path to the infected tissue. Once accessible, our hygienists remove the tissue and seal the hole. Once sealed and free of infection, we highly recommend a crown for your tooth to help with shape and appearance.

On top of that, we provide services in bridges, bonding, dentures, braces, and night guards. Regardless of what you’re looking to get done, Gentle Dental Care has got your back. We’ll find the root of your dental issues and suggest any action that should be taken. From there, you can make your decision based on our accurate information.

Montgomery TX DDS Near Me


Cosmetic Dentistry

Our teeth say a lot about us. From what we eat to how hygienic we are, people make assumptions based on how our teeth look. There’s no need to be self-conscious about your teeth anymore because Gentle Dental Care is here to give you perfect teeth. For example, we offer teeth whitening veneers that also improve mouth shape. With this thin ceramic shell, we redesign your teeth and fix problems such as spaces, staining,  misaligned, cracked, chipped teeth, and other issues.

The process of veneers lasts about two or three visits to our office. With your first consultation, we discuss in detail what exactly you wish to achieve with your veneer. Once we know exactly what the veneer is for, we can formulate a plan that best fits your mouth. During your next visit, we get impressions and send them off to our lab to have it fabricated with the highest-quality material. On your final visit, you’ll have your veneers installed and fitted so we can ensure there are no issues with them. Our veneers look natural in your mouth, so eventually, it looks and feels like there’s nothing there at all. These veneers are custom-made and meant to look natural until the day you no longer require them.

Pediatric Dentistry

We here at Gentle Dental Care know that your child’s teeth are just as, if not more, important. At a young age, our teeth are more easily shaped and manipulated. It’s essential to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy early on so that their adult teeth come out perfect. We know that kids love candy, and we KNOW that leads to cavities and even infected teeth. Between braces, fillings, and crowns, our experts are prepared to patch your kid’s teeth up so they can grow up to be strong and resilient.

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Gentle Dental Care understands that your smile says a lot about you. Therefore, your oral health can greatly affect your dental health and confidence. So don’t wait, call us at (936) 447-3000 or find us online to find out how we can help you. Touch base with us today, and stop typing “Montgomery Texas DDS near me” in your search bar.

Montgomery TX Fun Facts

  • Montgomery contains four amazing parks, one of which is also a museum
  • Surrounding farm communities once used Montgomery as a trade center before it became a city
  • Montgomery is home to the Hodge Podge, a popular wedding destination
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