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When it comes to your Montgomery Texas local dentist, Gentle Dental Care has got you covered. We are a family practice who pride ourselves on the outstanding services we provide for our patients. When you visit us, you can expect services that deal with general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetics, and oral surgery. These services are tailored to give you a healthier and brighter smile for years to come. By acquiring our services, you’re ensuring the best oral hygiene possible. Montgomery is one of the areas we operate from and will do everything we can to get you the results you want.

Additionally, thanks to our advancements in technology, we’re able to provide you with smoother appointments. For example, our traditional braces are no longer the painful procedure a lot of people still believe it to be. Our braces are now smaller in size, minimal pain, and even moves your teeth quicker to its normal alignment. We also have other options, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign. Ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces but have clear brackets. If you don’t want braces too noticeable, this is a perfect option. Invisalign is also known for the “invisible braces” appearance.

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Also, when it comes to teeth protection, we provide night guards. Our night guards are similar to the mouth guards athletes wear for sports. We custom fit night guards to your comfort and to allow for proper breathing. A night guard may be necessary if you find yourself grinding your teeth while you’re asleep. Grinding can cause your teeth’s enamel to wear down as well as cause jaw pain.

Additionally, it can irritate your gums. The night guard prevents your teeth from scraping against each other if you find yourself grinding while going to bed. A dental lab creates our impression.

Your Dentistry Needs

Crowns are a common practice we perform for people who require it. Our crowns have porcelain fused with metal or a gold crown. If your teeth begin to weaken, decay, or crack, you may want to consider receiving a crown. It can restore patients’ healthy smiles, especially if you blend it with the natural color of your teeth. Your oral health is essential to us, and our team members are more than happy to assist you with your dental services. Let Gentle Dental Care be your primary provider for your dental health.

Most dentist offices don’t give the attention to detail for your teeth cleanings as we do. When you schedule regular visits with us, our dental hygienist can perform teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and advanced dental treatment plans. Your dental hygiene is essential to us, which is why we give state of the art quality. Gentle Dental Care is necessary to restore your natural look and improve your oral hygiene. We’re able to remove plaque and prevent other issues such as Gingivitis from building up into a more severe case. Also, we provide other replacements for teeth such as dentures.

When we get older, the deterioration of our teeth becomes a serious matter. None of us want to say hi to someone several gaps in our mouths. It can alarm someone you’re speaking to or cause them to focus on that one aspect of yourself during the conversation. The tension may cause will be uncomfortable. Therefore, dentures are typically replacements for missing teeth. You may have already heard of this type of process, perhaps from a T.V. show or other forms of media. As displayed, you’ll be able to remove and put back the dentures as you wish throughout the day.

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Other Services We Provide

Moreover, if your tooth comes to the point where it causes infection, you might need a root canal. When your tooth becomes infected, it often deals with the root of the tooth affecting your nerves. The condition is a type of endodontics that deal with the nerves of your teeth. If left untreated, it can develop into an abscess, which can cause bone loss in the jaw. Therefore, a root canal is necessary to prevent your oral health from getting to that point. Though a root canal can appear intimidating, it is now virtually painless due to technology.

If you do end up losing teeth either because of decay, infection, or extraction, we also have a solution in the form of dental implants. It is a simple solution involving a prosthetic tooth. With a prosthetic tooth, you’ll be able to restore your natural smile! After the implant heals, we’ll use crowns to reinforce the structure. That way, you’ll always have a tooth in the gap that can allow you to appreciate a gorgeous smile again. Dental implants are offered in our Katy, Spring, Magnolia, and Cinco Ranch offices if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Along with adult services, we also have pediatric services for your kids. Children are growing individuals who tend to eat a lot of different food items, including treats. Though it may be delicious to them, it can be tricky for a parent. Kids tend to neglect to brush their teeth, which can lead to oral hygiene issues. Therefore, Gentle Dental Care is here to address those issues. For example, sealants are beneficial to protect teeth for children around the ages of 5-7 since their second set of teeth usually come in from 11-14.

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When it comes to your health care, Gentle Dental Care spares no expense in getting you the best services. For example, we provide financing such as CareCredit. By partnering with them, we’re able to incur high costs. Also, we accept a majority of private insurance plans, along with Medicaid and CHIP dental care plans. Our Montgomery, TX, address is 16145 TX-105 at West Suite 400. Come by if you’d like to see first-hand the services we have to offer. You can also call (936) 447-3000 for more information. Be happy knowing Gentle Dental Care is your Montgomery Texas local dentist.

Montgomery TX Fun Facts

  • If you’re looking for a wedding destination, look no further than the Hodge Podge Lodge.
  • Our city is named after its co-founder.
  • The Texas flag was created here by Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart in 1838.
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