Montgomery TX Affordable Dentistry

Finding the most Montgomery TX affordable dentistry can be tricky. Fortunately, Gentle Dental Care is here to provide every dental service you need to keep your mouth clean and healthy. We do our best to help those who struggle to afford dental care and oral surgery.

Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry, you’ll find the service perfect for your mouth. When you come for your checkup at our Montgomery County office, you take your first step to a better mouth for a better smile. Our team of nurses, physicians, and surgeons are all here to provide you with the best results for your teeth. Whether you need dental implants or a biopsy, we have everything you need to make your smile last longer for less.

Montgomery TX Affordable Dentistry

With our help, you’ll say goodbye to toothaches and crooked teeth and hello to everyone with a confident grin. All of our services and products are tailored to improve your oral health and the state of your teeth. We offer everything from teeth cleanings to oral cancer screenings. No matter what kind of dental service you need, you’ll find that our staff is prepared to accommodate you.

Our office is available from Monday through Friday at convenient times. We offer everything from cosmetic dentistry to pediatric dentistry and everything in between. We’ll give you a standard checkup and determine what services would benefit you the most. So get in touch with us today so we can show you what makes us the most Montgomery TX affordable dentistry.

A Montgomery TX Affordable Dentistry that Works for You

Gentle Dental Care knows that your mouth is essential to you. Whether it’s for eating, talking, or expressing emotion, you need a clean and clear one to present yourself appropriately. With our assistance, you give yourself a chance to perfect your smile and gain the advantage of confidence. When you have spick and span teeth, you naturally want to smile more to show them off. Smiling more often makes you appear approachable and friendly to others.

Our team gives you the opportunity for a smile that you can be proud of. All of our services are designed to improve your oral health and encourage healthy habits. For teeth that you can show off, we offer services and products that help you shape your mouth to your preference. We include products such as Invisalign™, night guards, braces, crowns, and teeth whitening veneers.

When you come in for a regular checkup, we thoroughly inspect your mouth for anything that could be improved or needs treatment. If we find any infections or diseases, we’ll review your options with you and discuss possible solutions. Even if we don’t find anything, having a regular cleaning every six months is smart to maintain your teeth’s white complexion.

Gentle Dental Care’s Services

Our services are meant to give you every chance to keep your mouth fresh and clean. From our cosmetic dentistry to our general dentistry and periodontics, we provide methods that work for everyone. The most significant aspect of keeping a healthy mouth is to ensure that your teeth, gums, and airflow are correctly cared for and maintained. With our aid, we’ll discover which dental services will best remedy any condition you may have.

Family Dentist Near Me Montgomery TX

Give your family something to smile about, with affordable services and rates

General Dentistry

If a dental office isn’t bringing you the best service they possibly can, then they aren’t doing their job right. That’s why Gentle Dental Care focuses on quality service and patient satisfaction over profits. Our professional staff of nurses, surgeons, and physicians work closely with you and each other to provide the most reliable results for your teeth.

Our goal with our general services is to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. That means giving you a plethora of options to choose from for the most optimal procedures. For example, our root canals ensure that any infected teeth are cleared and heal properly. Once we identify infection as the source of your toothache, we prepare you for your root canal. This means numbing the area of the tooth and drilling a hole directly into the center of the tooth. Through this cavity, we reach the infected roots and clear them out. With the infection eliminated, we seal the hole up with a special sealant and place a crown over the tooth to heal.

We don’t stop at our root canals because we know that there are a variety of ways we can help you achieve your perfect smile. Our general services comprise of teeth whitening, bridges, bonding, dentures, and general dental hygiene.

Pediatric Dentistry

Gentle Dental Care also focuses on helping children get the same quality care that we give our adult patients. Children’s teeth are still in the growing period and require extra special attention. Early dental treatments make it, so their teeth grow in to be reliable, sturdy, and orderly. However, the fact that they’re still growing means that they are susceptible to infection, cavities, and disease.

To help your child, we provide the same services we do to adults, as well as mouth guards and braces. Initial dental consultations can promote healthy dental habits and help keep your child’s teeth consistently fresh. Once they get the hang of caring for their teeth, your children will maintain them on their own, and it’ll all be due to your decision to go with the right dental office.

Kids Dentist Montgomery TX

Your child deserves the best start at quality dental care

Other Services

We know that you need far more than just general work to maintain a healthy mouth. We offer periodontal maintenance such as gum disease treatment, occlusal adjustment, biopsies, and oral cancer screenings. For more extensive services, we provide oral surgery for extractions, bone grafting, and dental implants. So no matter what you need, you can count on us to provide it for you.

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Gentle Dental Care devotes its efforts to maximizing health while minimizing pain and discomfort. Regardless of what type of dental treatment you need, our staff is more than capable of bringing you the best results. Call (936) 447-3000 or find us online for any additional information. Don’t wait and get the most Montgomery TX affordable dentistry today.

Montgomery TX Fun Facts

  • The city is named after one of the founder’s hometown
  • Montgomery is home to the Hodge Podge Lodge, a popular wedding destination
  • Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart designed and created the Texas Flag in Montgomery in 1838
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