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Are you looking for a new Montgomery TX pediatric dentist near me because your last dentist appointment didn’t go well? When looking for a dentist for your kids, it’s important that the dentist and staff actually know how to work with kids. While the dental procedures may be similar, children respond differently to being in the dentist’s chair. Luckily, at Gentle Dental, our staff provides dental service for kids on a daily basis! Also, our staff members speak English and Spanish, so we serve and communicate with many different types of kids. Other dental offices might seem scary to your child, but not Gentle Dental! We have technology and tools to perform pain-free dental service. Furthermore, we’re quick! Your child won’t fear the dentist ever again.

You might be interested in finding a dentist because your child’s teeth aren’t growing in completely straight. You want to know what can be done, and correct their tooth growth before it’s too late. Fortunately, it’s never too late! We provide braces to teens and adults. Alternatively, we can apply dental implants and more. However, we know that crooked teeth can cause concern for some parents. Keep reading below to learn more about teeth misalignment, its causes, and how to prevent and treat it.

Teeth misalignment, also known as malocclusion, is usually caused by behavior. That’s good news and bad news. On one hand, that means that change is possible. However, we know that some habits can be hard to break. Some behaviors even run in families. Make sure your child doesn’t pick up the following bad habits:

Montgomery TX Pediatric Dentist Near Me

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What Causes Kids Teeth Misalignment?

Thumb-sucking causes the teeth to slant or shift. The teeth move to accommodate the foreign object (in this case, your child’s thumb). Additionally, “sucking” creates a persistent force that pulls on the child’s teeth. This can cause the teeth to grow in at an angle.

Like thumb-sucking, tongue-pushing causes teeth to move. However, tongue-pushing causes teeth to push outward instead of inward. Tongue-pushing can be hard to spot, so pay attention to how your child swallows food. Pay attention to whether he or she uses their tongue to seal their mouth before swallowing. If that is the case, they may push their tongue against their teeth and the adult teeth may come in at an angle.

Pulling teeth too soon also causes teeth to overcrowd. When a child pulls out a baby tooth before it’s time, the adult tooth forces itself to fit into a smaller space than it needs. As a result, the adult tooth can cause the surrounding baby tooth to move and become loose. The child may seem to just have developed his or her adult teeth quickly, but the teeth overcrowd because they didn’t erupt at a natural pace.

Teeth Alignment and Infants

When a person says that crooked teeth run in their family, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a genetic component. It’s more likely that child-rearing patterns that were passed down for generations caused crooked teeth to develop. Therefore, you can prevent certain types of malocclusion or misalignment.

As a parent, there are things you might be doing that could cause your child’s teeth To not grow into proper alignment. For example, your child may experience overcrowding teeth if you allow him or her to use a pacifier past the age of three. Also, using a bottle too long can cause misalignment. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies shouldn’t use bottles past the age of one. Bottles and pacifiers affect the way your small child holds his or her mouth. Additionally, the constant pull of sucking on a pacifier or bottle nipple can tug at their tiny teeth.

Montgomery TX Pediatric Dentist Near Me

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How a Kids Dentist Near Me Can Fix Teeth Misalignment

The best way to prevent malocclusion is to stop it in its tracks. Did you know that a dental exam can reveal what’s going on with your children’s teeth underneath the gums? We can see how teeth are projected to grow out of the gums, and help you take preventative action. Even if your child only has a few teeth, we can make sure they are growing correctly. How your child’s baby teeth grow in and fall out can also hint at the health of their adult teeth. Regular dental checkups go a long way in preventing misalignment.

Once malocclusion has already begun to take place, Gentle Dental can take corrective action. In practically all cases of teeth or jaw misalignment, sooner is better than later. Therefore, set an appointment with us as soon as you notice your child’s jaw protruding or teeth overcrowding. We can provide practical solutions, some of which don’t involve invasive procedures. For example, your child can wear custom retainer. We also provide braces for interested families. In the most severe cases, such as when an injury has taken place, we can provide dental implants.

If your child does need an invasive procedure to correct alignment, you can rest easy knowing that we’re called Gentle Dental for a reason. Our services cause little to no pain during and after the procedure. We also include services such as teeth whitening and crowns.

Montgomery TX Pediatric Dentist Near Me

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Gentle Dental is a family-owned and operated dental care office. We know the importance of family health, and dental health is just one aspect. We wish more families prioritized oral health, but we know that some dentists don’t make it easy. Of course, families want to avoid dental offices with high fees, limited services, and second-rate customer service! You won’t have any of those issues with Gentle Dental.

Our friendly, bilingual staff make your kids feel at home in the dental office. You don’t have to worry about the price because we accept most major insurance plans, and also have, as an alternative, a financing option. Call us today at (936) 447-3000 or set an appointment online for a kid’s dental exam. Why would you choose another Montgomery TX pediatric dentist near me when Gentle Dental is in town?

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