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Are you in need of an oral surgeon near me 77095 can offer the best services! We are going to be able to provide you with a large supplement of different operations. There are treatments in place that can give you a whole new experience. Usually, surgery is going to be the last resort option that you will have to use if you are in a severe situation. Other times it might be the only option capable of providing a solution, to begin with. We will go over when and why each scenario is surgery approved and what sort of benefits you can receive post-surgery. For help on what to do before and after the operation, just click here and look over the list of requests we have.  Otherwise, we hope to provide valuable information for you through this article!

Oral Surgery Available

We offer services that range from oral surgery to teeth whitening!

Treatments That Surgery Can Provide

Getting surgery can be scary but most of the time it is the right choice. The doctors that will be operating on you are some of the best and have all of the certification and experience needed to operate on you. They will make sure that the procedure is done in about a day or so. You will not have to wait longer than that to get it done and it will probably take around 30 to 50 minutes of prep to get underway. It will start with a local anesthetic but the procedures will differ greatly from that point.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

This is going to refer to the normal operations that you are forced to take to get rid of your wisdom teeth. In the extraction of this nature, it is going to be different from the normal tooth removal processes. For the wisdom teeth, since they are so far back in the mouth, you will have to cut into the gums to release them. A lot of the time this is the only option you have because the tooth is stuck in the gums.

This means they could be pushing into other teeth which would mean that they are impacted and therefore can’t grow at all. Making an incision in the gum, and then cutting apart the wisdom tooth is going to be the best route for you to take. This will allow the broken parts to be removed piece by piece. That makes the surgery a lot more seamless and less invasive. While the pain will be subsided by anesthesia, it will certainly be sore later on.

Tooth Removals

This is going to refer to any of the other teeth that you may need to get taken out. If they are damaged, loose, or otherwise compromised the operation will be a smooth removal. That starts with a local numbing agent and then cutting off from the nerves and tissue. The end result will be a new space in the mouth possibly for implants or dentures. Whatever is needed to get your mouth back to looking normal and healthy!

Bone Grafting

In certain cases, particularly if you are getting dental implants, the jaw can be weakened. In order to reinforce it and accommodate for any shortcomings, you will get a bone graft. This takes bone particulate from one area of the body and places it in the jawline to support that bone there. This sort of treatment will be carried out for periodontal procedures. In some cases, you could even have a sample bone from a cadaver.

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Platelet Rich Plasma

Medical research has provided us with a lot of knowledge about how the body works. It has shown that when in need of healing and tissue regeneration, you will find your own blood cells will catalyze the process. This has been known to work for all types of surgery and it is very effective. For this procedure, in particular, we will be using platelets, plasma, and white blood cells to help the surgery along. Apparently, the protein that is carried in the platelets of your body is one of the most critical agents needed for treating wounds or injuries. We have used it for operations time and time again. Gentle Dental prides itself on being a clinic that continuously tries new and innovative methods to succeed. As a result, we will use platelet-rich plasma for our patients on a regular basis. It will only take a short period but the plasma proteins we collect in the office can go a long way to helping to heal and giving us more information about the future of dentistry.

Financing Options

Surgery is always going to be a critical and expensive option. Think of all of the advancements in technology recently and the cost to maintain them. you will have to pay a large amount to get the care you need. We understand that this is not what anyone would like to hear but it is the reality. In order to make it easier for people, we offer financing and insurance options.

That will help lighten the load, so to speak. We want to help our clients through their difficult times by not creating more stress or hardship than they deserve. As a result, these options are available. You will have to speak to one of our representatives to learn more about these options so you can visit here for that.

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