Teaching You About Tooth Ache

Posted on April 8, 2019 by Gentle Dental Care Team

Tooth Ache

Have you ever experienced a pain in your mouth? There are so many reasons why that could be, but often times chances are it has to do with your teeth. As useful as they are, that also means that they can be susceptible. Many times when you are feeling an oral pain, it could be a tooth ache. One shouldn’t underestimate your common toothaches, they can become quite tedious to deal with. In our blog post today we will go over the causes of tooth aches, what kind of symptoms they produce and how best to treat it. Texas Gentle Dental wants you to be informed, because awareness is the first step to great oral hygiene.

What Causes A  Tooth Ache?

When you are burdened with a tooth ache, it can be quite the bother, and it won’t be going away any time soon. The pulp of the the tooth is located in the very center and it contains a lot of nerves and tissue. Over time and neglect, it can become infected or vulnerable to decay. This is one of the causes of tooth ache, and usually the most common. However, your tooth ache can be a result of gum disease, an abscess or tooth trauma like a chip or crack. Other instances can be abnormalities in the way you bite, or when in the case of children, an eruption is a possibility. This is when the new tooth is breaking the thin layer of gum before it reaches the surface.

What Would My Symptoms Be?

In the event of a tooth ache, there’s only a finite amount of possibilities. In fact, dentists have become very proficient in diagnosing your case based just off of mere word choice. There are several types of pains that you can feel which are directly related to specific conditions. When you find yourself hindered by tooth ache you’ll have to study it. Try to find out explicitly what that feeling is so your dentist can make an effective judgement. Pains that you might feel can range from searing, burning or stabbing, to lighter or more peculiar sensations like tingling or feeling the shock of electricity. If it is an abscess, or heavy tooth rot, you will experience symptoms such as bad breath, tenderness when you bite, nasty discharge and a fever if it’s severe. You will want to contact your dentist immediately when you begin to feel these pains. This is due to the fact that they are most likely the result of a long term issue.

What Can A Dentist Do For My Tooth Ache?

Your dentist will immediately assess the situation to see the threat posed. They will ask you various questions about the pains. For example, the length of time its hurt and what you’ve been eating lately. It’s merely to get a better idea of what your condition may be. Then they will commence whatever procedure they’ve deemed to be necessary. Whether that be a cavity filling, a root canal or a cleaning and abscess removal, it will all depend on your symptoms. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you need to come in to see a dentist. Take notice to all of your pains and issues, we can help better when we know exactly what you’re feeling. If you’re not feeling any pain right now, be sure to keep up with a good cleaning regiment. Make sure it stays that way!