Extracting the Process of Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

How does tooth extraction work? You may be wondering this in the wake of being told you need to have one done. Fortunately, this process is very common and not extremely lengthy or invasive. Extractions are almost always performed on wisdom teeth that are causing dental problems, such as crowding your other teeth or causing you great amounts of pain. You may also need an extraction in the case that one of your teeth is beyond rescuing.

Let’s think about how extractions are done, why they’re done, and how Gentle Dental can help you through the process.

Why Would I Need An Extraction?

Extractions are not done unless absolutely necessary, because your dentist would prefer you to keep all of your adult teeth. In fact, removing teeth can be detrimental to your jaw health. Extractions will only be done in the case that the problem tooth is causing issues for the rest of your mouth. For example, if your teeth are all straight and there are no gaps between them, the introduction of your wisdom teeth could push them all together and create overlaps. Furthermore, an infection that can’t be salvaged would ruin your surrounding teeth and gums, which can be dangerous to your health. Should your dentist recommend an extraction, it would be wise to listen.

What is An Extraction?

Is a wisdom tooth causing you grief?

Tooth extraction is done when your dentist completely removes your tooth and its root. This process is usually done for invasive wisdom teeth or infected teeth beyond rescue. That way, it is prevented from spreading the disease to the rest of your mouth. An incision is made around your gums and the tooth is broken apart and pulled out. During this process, you will be given local anesthesia so you are not experiencing pain during the procedure. Depending on the area, you may need sutures. Either way, you will need to be driven home after due to the effects of the anesthetic.

What is Done Afterward?

Extractions are commonly done for unnecessary wisdom teeth.

If you have a tooth or multiple teeth removed, it can cause that area of your jaw to weaken and shift your bite. Because of this, you may need to receive an implant or a bridge afterward. Both of these are meant to uphold the structure of your teeth and jaw so that further issues don’t begin to develop. However, even with dentist recommendations, this will be left up to you. Make sure you are hearing everything your dentist has to say about it before making a decision.

Contact Gentle Dental for Your Extraction

Gentle Dental can take care of your extraction without hassle. We know that you want this process to be as easy as possible, and so do we. In order to make an appointment, visit our scheduling page here or call one of our Texas locations. We can’t wait to hear from you! Call Gentle Dental about your tooth extraction needs as soon as possible.




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