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How Dentures Can Help You


Teeth are some of the most important and vital parts of our body. They are the tools we use to consume the energy that gives us life. Food. Without teeth, we would not be able to crush our food down to the particles small enough to digest. We could not eat such an exotic and diverse diet, and it would change our society entirely. Whether it be old age, disease, or a terrible injury, people have been known to lose their teeth. Sometimes in the most extreme cases, they lose all of them. Missing teeth can be harmful to your body and your lifestyle, but we have a solution.  In today’s generation, just like they’ve done as far back as the Etruscans of Ancient Italy, we create artificial teeth to take their place. This blog post hopes to explain how dentures can help you return to your bright and best. We’ll have you chewing again in no time!

What types of Dentures are offered?

Regardless of the patient, all dentures must be customized for the exact shape of the user’s mouth and teeth — if they have any. The goal is to create a set of teeth that can replace your own. To do that, the dentist will first have to inspect your condition and determine what kind of dentures you’ll need. There are two particular types, with a few exceptions. The first form of dentures are full dentures and will replace all of your teeth. We will implement the conventional full dentures only after your jaw and gum heal from the teeth removal process. This could take several months and will leave you without your teeth so a change in diet will be necessary. Alternatively, if you decide to go with the Immediate full dentures, then the dentist will take the measurements of your teeth and mouth. After that, he can insert the dentures right after the teeth removal process. This will allow you to eat immediately after the procedure and will not cause you to wait for months without your teeth in place.  In the event that you have remaining usable teeth, the dentist may offer you with a partial set of dentures. These will be similar to a bridge, however, they are not permanent and you have to take them out from time to time.

Remember To Keep Your Dentures Clean

Even though they may not be real teeth, with no living organisms or cell structure directly connecting to you, they are still susceptible to getting dirty. When that happens, it opens up the potential for bacteria to reach the gums which can be very endangering to your health. Therefore, it is imperative that you take them out frequently (every night) and wash them thoroughly. We recommend both after wear, and before wear cleanings. Make sure to use room temperature water because using hot water may warp the dentures. That would require a new fitting, which would be very costly. Remember to keep contact up with your dentist, and to not be afraid to speak up if they feel loose or uneven.

Contact Us If You Have Interest In Getting Dentures

Gentle Dental Care is above all determined to get you the best oral care possible. We will make sure that you have dentures that fit, feel great, and work even better. If you have any questions or want to get started, please come visit us today!


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