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How Sealants Help Your Teeth

How Sealants Help Your Teeth
Care for your teeth and your child’s teeth by asking about sealants.


When you have deep grooves in your molars, food will often get stuck and cause tooth decay. This can raise prices in dental bills and result in some painful situations, although proper brushing and exceptional flossing habits can remove most of the plaque. It’s not always enough. For those who have deep grooves in their teeth, brushing may not be enough.

What Are Sealants?

Sealants are a coating that’s painted onto the teeth to prevent tooth decay. They will also “seal” off the teeth so food can’t get trapped in the deep grooves of your molars. This liquid will bond quickly to your teeth to form a protective shield over the enamel of your teeth.

Who Needs Them Most?

Children and teens are the most likely to develop decay in their premolars and molars. However, adults that have teeth free of fillings or decay are also great candidates for sealants.

The best time to receive sealants is when the molars and premolars come in. That way, they will be safe from the cavity prone years of six to fourteen. Sealants are even a good idea for infants when their teeth come in and develop deep grooves. With the help of sealants, you can protect their teeth and make sure they aren’t lost too early.

How Long Do They Last?

With proper care, they can last up to ten years. There is no need to have them removed since they will gradually wear away over time. These plastic-like coatings are pretty hardy so long as you avoid doing things like eating really sticky candy or using your teeth to open food packaging.

Once you have sealants, then your dentist will check them every time you come in for a cleaning. If one of your sealants is damaged or missing, then they will replace it while you are getting your teeth cleaned.

How Sealants Help Your Teeth
Take care of your teeth by seeing if you are a right candidate for sealants.

Contact Gentle Dental Care

While sealants will help protect your teeth, they aren’t a replacement for regular oral hygiene. Talk with Gentle Dental care about ways to prevent tooth decay by callingĀ (281) 855-1100. You can also check out their dental hygiene page to learn more about their general dentistry services. When you go in for your next cleaning, remember to ask if you would be the right candidate for sealants.

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